Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toddler in Action!

Brailyn loves to go outside!  When the mail runs, I ask her if she wants to go check the mail, and she will walk to the door and say "mai!"  It is the cutest thing!  However, with it being winter, we don't go outside to play much these days.  Since today was a semi-warm day, we decided we needed some sunshine!  After she got up from her nap, we put on some shoes and a light sweater and headed out for some fun!  She had a blast, and so did I!  She doesn't match at all, but who cares!  She had fun playing and I had fun excercising! HA  She is getting fast!  Here are some pictures I managed to snap of my little "Flash!"

I think her arm out helps with the airflow! She is speedy! HA

Love this face!  I think a car went by!

She was in constant motion the whole time!  So was mommy!

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  1. What a sweet little "flash"!!! She is full of energy and ready to go!! Love that baby doll!!


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