Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toddler in Action!

Brailyn loves to go outside!  When the mail runs, I ask her if she wants to go check the mail, and she will walk to the door and say "mai!"  It is the cutest thing!  However, with it being winter, we don't go outside to play much these days.  Since today was a semi-warm day, we decided we needed some sunshine!  After she got up from her nap, we put on some shoes and a light sweater and headed out for some fun!  She had a blast, and so did I!  She doesn't match at all, but who cares!  She had fun playing and I had fun excercising! HA  She is getting fast!  Here are some pictures I managed to snap of my little "Flash!"

I think her arm out helps with the airflow! She is speedy! HA

Love this face!  I think a car went by!

She was in constant motion the whole time!  So was mommy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daddy's Little Princess!

I absoulutely LOVE this picture!  Our pretty little princess!

Jody brought home this crown yesterday!  His boss had gotten it as a joke from some of the girls in the office.  Jody got there yesterday morning, and he gave it to him.  He said Brailyn would love it and boy did she ever!  She would put it on and just walk around so prim and proper!  It was hillarious!  She would go from the stove to the glass doors and back just looking at herself and grinning!  She is to precious!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Beginning of an Obsession?

Hmm...Do I like these?  12-22-10

Maybe the black ones would match better!

Who me? I'm not doing anything!
What is every girl's obsession? SHOES!!!! Well, that is what they say anyway!  I am a brown and black pair kind of person and that is all I need, but my baby girl may fall into that every girl category!  OH NO!  I may need to get a job to support her! HA  I think Brailyn's real obsession is just pulling everything out of its rightful place!  Whenever we go in my room to clean or put something up, she runs to my closet and just grabs all of my clothes!  She loves to just fall into them.  My clothes hang on the bottom rack, Jody's are on the top! I wonder why!  Then after she tries to pull all my clothes out, she plops down and starts pulling out every pair of shoes I have!  She likes to examine each shoe before she puts it down!  I think I may have a girly girl on my hands!  Maybe we will be able to share shoes, otherwise, Jody may have to get a second job! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

She's a Big Girl Now!

My baby is growing up and way to fast at that!  She was getting to big for her infant carseat, so we ordered her big girl front faceing one!  We weren't sure if she weighed enough to turn her around, and they are saying now that you should wait until they are 2!  When we went for her 1 year checkup she wasn't quite 22 pounds, but we went ahead and put in her big girl carseat and just kept it turned around.  I don't think she felt that much different.  But she was running out of leg room, and just getting bored with the back of the car, so on Christmas Day since we had a long drive we decided it was okay to turn her around!  She loves it! And let me say that we love it too!  Now she can see everything, and mommy is riding in the front with daddy again!  We feel like we can breathe now!  However, our radio now plays a constant cd of toddler songs! AHHHHHH!  Whatever keeps her happy, and they are kind of catchy!

My sweet angel on 11-09-09, leaving the hospital to ride in her carseat for the first time!  I believe that was the longest, scariest, and most nerve-racking ride we have ever endured!

On her way to her 2 week checkup!  She was closer to 3 weeks!  Doesn't she look like a little dumpling in that thing! :)

11-11-10!  Her last ride in her infant carrier!

I don't fit anymore!  My big girl! :(

Sleeping in her big girl seat, still rear facing!  see her little feet touching the seat! 

12-25-10!  I can see!  Riding for the first time front facing!  She loves to look out the windows!

Sleeping on the way to Gramma ands Pop-ups!  I was really afraid she wasn't going to nap as well front facing, but she has proven me wrong so far!

Our lives have gotten a little easier since she has turned around, but I still miss my little baby who could care less about her surroundings, and just wanted to see her mommy's face beside her!  I know this is just one of many big girl milestones to come, so I am treasuring every minute we have until then!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Silly Girl!

We say that phrase a LOT at our house!  She is such a little entertainer even when she isn't trying to be!  I do not understand how a 14 month old can come up with some of the things she does!  She will play and play and do some of the funniest things that don't seem so entertaining to us, but in her eyes they must be fun!  I am so happy that she can entertain herself for the most part.  Don't get me wrong, some days all she wants is to be held and read to, and I love that too!  However, when I'm trying to get something done, it is very nice when she decides she doesn't need anyone else to have fun!  Today was one of those days!  I was inside trying to clean, and Jody was outside working on his truck.  I had done a few things, and had moved to the kitchen to wash dishes.  Brailyn was playing and being quiet, just content!  Jody came in and immediately said, "Janée, look at her!"  I turned around and this is what I saw! 
This is the box that I try to keep her toys contained in in the living room!  She was sitting on about half of her toys and books! I would say "uncomfortable", she would say "loads of fun!"  She would reach down, grab a toy, play with it, then throw it out and get another!  It was hillarious!  Here she was blowing a kiss for daddy as he was headed back outside! Such a SWEET silly girl!
Just a view from above!  It is not a big box!
Fun, fun, fun!  Notice the toys do not stay contained very well!  I pick up this room about 100 times a day!
This was a different time in the box!  She got in about 3 times today, but she couldn't get out!  She would fuss and we would have to take her out!  I say, whatever keeps them entertained works fine for me!

And yes, this happened today, but my next few posts will probably be catch-up! 
We love our silly girl!

Friday, January 21, 2011

December Birthdays!

  Yes, I know it's January, but all my Christmas posts took precedence over my other posts!  My next several posts will probably be catch up posts. 
   We have birthdays in abundance in December!  My niece's birthday is on the 11th, mine is the 13th, my brother's is the 20th, and our friend Elise's is the 21st!  There are a few more family members' birthdays, but we don't get together and celebrate them!
   The first of our birthday's was my niece's!  She turned 7!  It is really hard to believe that she is already 7!  I was a senior in high school, and I was there the day she was born!  I was the first person to hold her after my sister held her for a while!  She has grown up so fast, and she is such a wonderful and fun little girl!  Her birthday actually fell on a Saturday so that is when her party was.  She had a "fancy" party because she is in love with Fancy Nancy!  She wanted Brailyn to dress up fancy!  HA! We had a great time!  Brailyn got to play with her cousins that are her age, and we just had fun visiting and playing!

The pretty birthday girl dressed up in her fancy clothes!

The baby cousins!  Having a pow-wow about how to escape?

Birthday Girl's fancy cake!  My sister made it!  She always does a good job!
Posing with her presents!  Doesn't she look fancy!
  The next birthday was mine!  I turned the big 25!  Let me say that I was treated like a queen!  Jody took care of Brailyn that night, while cooking me a steak dinner and doing all of Brailyn's bedtime routine!  Isn't he amazing!  He also bought me a Bowdabra!  I have been wanting one for forever!  I love my birthdays!  He also took me out new year's weekend to eat another steak as I mentioned in my last post! 

Giving mommy some birthday kisses!
The next birthday was Brailyn's first friend's birthday party, Elise Meador!  We had a lot of fun!  The party was decorated so cute and the cake was delicious!  Elise had fun opening her gifts, well that was until she had plenty of tissue paper to play with, and then she didn't care about opening anymore gifts!  HA  We had a blast, and really appreciate them for inviting us!  We had to leave early because we had a family Christmas to go to in Hot Springs, and that is also why Brailyn is in a Christmas outfit!  HA

Havinmg fun in her big girl chair from her mommy and daddy!

I just thought this picture was precious!  If she knew she was fixing to get cake, she wouldn't be covering her mouth!

Smash time!  She did a better job than Brailyn did, but she didn't just go crazy either.  But she did end up with icing on her forehead and her back!  The cake was scrumptious by the way!

Little friends! So precious!
The next birthday was my brother's we celebrated it on Christmas day!  No big party or anything, but he did get some gifts!  He turned 31!  I have to say that he is the best older brother! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

I love snow!  I still feel like a little kid when it is supposed to snow, getting all excited and thinking about all the fun we will have!  I can't wait for Brailyn to get old enough to get all excited about snow!  We certainly had fun this year!  On Sunday, January 9, when it started I kept pointing outside and telling Brailyn that it was snow.  She looked outside and said "no."  Now she won't quit!  It is a different "no" then when she doesn't want something. so we can tell them apart.  I had to go to the dentist yesterday and while we were getting out of the car, she looked around her carseat and said "No?"  Too precious!  We had lots of fun in the snow, even though Brailyn couldn't walk in it because it was to deep!  We didn't get out much, but we went out while it was snowing, then we took her out two more times during the week.  She loved it!  We made a snowman, mommy and baby snow angels, snowballs to hit dady with, and some yummy snow icecream!  I let Brailyn eat some of the plain snow and from that time on she was hooked!  Just like her mommy!  She would sit down and just stuff her glove in the snow and start eating!  Although this is technically her second snow(it snowed around valentine's day last year), we couldn't do much last year except lay her down and take pictures!  But we made up for it this time!  I hope it snows next year so she can run around in it!  I'm already excited!

See how deep it was!  I measured it at 7 in all around the yard!
My little snow angel!

She made a new friend! Sad little snowman I know, but it was to cold to stay out and make a big one!

I love it!

Yummy "no!"
My snow angel last year at just 3 months odl!

Helping mommy make snow icecream for the very first time: for mommy and baby!

Let me get it!

Yummy! She kept running from me to Jody taking bites of both of ours!  Yes, she was up until 11 that night after eating all that icecream!

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