Friday, January 21, 2011

December Birthdays!

  Yes, I know it's January, but all my Christmas posts took precedence over my other posts!  My next several posts will probably be catch up posts. 
   We have birthdays in abundance in December!  My niece's birthday is on the 11th, mine is the 13th, my brother's is the 20th, and our friend Elise's is the 21st!  There are a few more family members' birthdays, but we don't get together and celebrate them!
   The first of our birthday's was my niece's!  She turned 7!  It is really hard to believe that she is already 7!  I was a senior in high school, and I was there the day she was born!  I was the first person to hold her after my sister held her for a while!  She has grown up so fast, and she is such a wonderful and fun little girl!  Her birthday actually fell on a Saturday so that is when her party was.  She had a "fancy" party because she is in love with Fancy Nancy!  She wanted Brailyn to dress up fancy!  HA! We had a great time!  Brailyn got to play with her cousins that are her age, and we just had fun visiting and playing!

The pretty birthday girl dressed up in her fancy clothes!

The baby cousins!  Having a pow-wow about how to escape?

Birthday Girl's fancy cake!  My sister made it!  She always does a good job!
Posing with her presents!  Doesn't she look fancy!
  The next birthday was mine!  I turned the big 25!  Let me say that I was treated like a queen!  Jody took care of Brailyn that night, while cooking me a steak dinner and doing all of Brailyn's bedtime routine!  Isn't he amazing!  He also bought me a Bowdabra!  I have been wanting one for forever!  I love my birthdays!  He also took me out new year's weekend to eat another steak as I mentioned in my last post! 

Giving mommy some birthday kisses!
The next birthday was Brailyn's first friend's birthday party, Elise Meador!  We had a lot of fun!  The party was decorated so cute and the cake was delicious!  Elise had fun opening her gifts, well that was until she had plenty of tissue paper to play with, and then she didn't care about opening anymore gifts!  HA  We had a blast, and really appreciate them for inviting us!  We had to leave early because we had a family Christmas to go to in Hot Springs, and that is also why Brailyn is in a Christmas outfit!  HA

Havinmg fun in her big girl chair from her mommy and daddy!

I just thought this picture was precious!  If she knew she was fixing to get cake, she wouldn't be covering her mouth!

Smash time!  She did a better job than Brailyn did, but she didn't just go crazy either.  But she did end up with icing on her forehead and her back!  The cake was scrumptious by the way!

Little friends! So precious!
The next birthday was my brother's we celebrated it on Christmas day!  No big party or anything, but he did get some gifts!  He turned 31!  I have to say that he is the best older brother! 


  1. Wow! 7 years since we were SR's in High School. Where does the time go? Sounds like y'all had a great time celebrating birthdays! :-)

  2. These two are so blessed to have each other to grow with in church. They will be great friends!!!


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