Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweet Family Christmas!

I really love that we get to spend Christmas morning with just us!  We come home on Christmas Eve, put little miss to bed, and get ready for Christmas morning!  This year it was a breeze!  Nothing to put together, and no getting up at 5:00 AM!  I'm sure this will all change in the coming years!  Brailyn didn't get up until about 8:30, so Jody and I were dressed and ready to head down to my mom and dad's that afternoon!  We had alot of fun and Brailyn did too!  I'll let the pictures prove it!

We started a new family tradition this year on Christmas Eve.  We usually read 1 book before bed and I'm usually the one that reads it.  But on Christmas Eve, daddy read to Brailyn about Jesus' birth straight from the Bible.  Jody said his daddy used to do that with them and so he wanted to do it with us.  She sat and just listened, never made a peep!  Then she went right to sleep!

Merry Christmas!  1st pic of the day!

There's my happy girl!

Yay! It's Christmas!  First look at her toys!

Look what Santa brought!

"Dot Dog!"  Thank you Santa!

Modeling her new hairclips!

She did really good opening the presents!  She may have had too many though, because after a while she would tear it, drop it and say "Uh-Oh."

Playing with all my toys!
We had a wonderful Christmas together!  Althought we do not have pictures, I got a sewing machine and daddy got a little portable heater!  I suppose we have had our picture taken enough over the years!  HA


  1. This was just so precious!! I love all the sweet pictures!!

  2. I really love the picture of her riding her horse and texting on her new phone~LOL the look on her face is priceless!

  3. So cute! We did the Bible Christmas story too! But we had a Bible book with pictures, so we used that one instead this year. We're keeping the tradition alive! :)

  4. I Los the idea of ready the story of Jesus birth fringe bible that's what I plan on doing when we have children!!
    I love the picture of her with Mickey that is too cute!! She is precious!!


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