Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Date Night, Friends, New Year, and FIREWORKS!

New Year's Day is always a fun time for me.  After Christmas is over, we head right back down to my parents' for the New Year's weekend!  We always have the traditional lunch with my Nanny on New Year's Day.  I mean all the fixings: Ham, dressing, potatoes, greens, black eyed peas :(, salt meat :), and plenty of desserts!  We all hate the peas, but we have to eat at least 3, at least that is what Nan tells us!  They taste much better mixed with potatoes!  Anyway, it is always a fun time!  Brailyn didn't like much of anything but the ham and potatoes, but I tried!  We headed down there on Thursday night to begin our weekend.  Friday morning, we went to our friends', John and Lauren's house.  I graduated with them.  They just finished building their first house, and have 2 precious 3 month old girls!  This was my first time to meet the girls, and see the house!  We had so much fun!  Brailyn got a little jealous though.  First time she has ever really done that!  Friday night, Brailyn stayed with Gramma and Pop-up while Jody and I went out!  He took me to one of the best steakhouses around, Country Village Steakhouse!  I love it!  Jody says Texas Roadhouse is better.  We had a great time, and got to walk around the Village a little bit and visit the stores!  My brother, sister in-law, and niece were at mom's when we got back!  The girls had a lot of fun together!  We stayed up and played games until midnight and then I went straight to bed!  I'm getting old or something!  When we got back Saturday night, we shot a few fireworks with Brailyn just to see how she would like them!  She loved it!  I can't wait til the Fourth of July!  Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend!  I love all the sweet memories we are making as a little family! 
Our friend Elizabeth holding Melody, mr and Brailyn, and Lauren and Riley!

Scary I Know!  Jody and I afetr are date!  Full as can be!

Ignore my over exaggerated faces!  We were having fun though!


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