Monday, January 24, 2011

She's a Big Girl Now!

My baby is growing up and way to fast at that!  She was getting to big for her infant carseat, so we ordered her big girl front faceing one!  We weren't sure if she weighed enough to turn her around, and they are saying now that you should wait until they are 2!  When we went for her 1 year checkup she wasn't quite 22 pounds, but we went ahead and put in her big girl carseat and just kept it turned around.  I don't think she felt that much different.  But she was running out of leg room, and just getting bored with the back of the car, so on Christmas Day since we had a long drive we decided it was okay to turn her around!  She loves it! And let me say that we love it too!  Now she can see everything, and mommy is riding in the front with daddy again!  We feel like we can breathe now!  However, our radio now plays a constant cd of toddler songs! AHHHHHH!  Whatever keeps her happy, and they are kind of catchy!

My sweet angel on 11-09-09, leaving the hospital to ride in her carseat for the first time!  I believe that was the longest, scariest, and most nerve-racking ride we have ever endured!

On her way to her 2 week checkup!  She was closer to 3 weeks!  Doesn't she look like a little dumpling in that thing! :)

11-11-10!  Her last ride in her infant carrier!

I don't fit anymore!  My big girl! :(

Sleeping in her big girl seat, still rear facing!  see her little feet touching the seat! 

12-25-10!  I can see!  Riding for the first time front facing!  She loves to look out the windows!

Sleeping on the way to Gramma ands Pop-ups!  I was really afraid she wasn't going to nap as well front facing, but she has proven me wrong so far!

Our lives have gotten a little easier since she has turned around, but I still miss my little baby who could care less about her surroundings, and just wanted to see her mommy's face beside her!  I know this is just one of many big girl milestones to come, so I am treasuring every minute we have until then!

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  1. Aww! She's so precious! I can't imagine keeping them rear faced until age two! Mine just wouldn't fit! Ha! She looks like she is sure enjoying be turned around!


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