Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Christmas Decor!

Yes I know it is after New Year's already, but we have been crazy busy!  I love all our Christmas decorations, and it is so fun to decorate for Christmas! Just wanted to share a little with y'all!  I have about a thousand posts to do so I figure I better get started or it may take me till after the next New Year's!  Not really, so don't get scared!  I just figured I would start with this one!  Get ready there are tons of pics!

I made this at VBS a loooooong time ago!  We had to do our favrite hymn and this was/is mine! I love that I can use ti to decorate for Christmas!

My sister gave me this last year for Christmas!  I love it!  Sweet little memory of our first Christmas as three!  And we can add to it!

As you will notice, I LOVE Precious Moments!  I remeber being so giddy when I found this one for our 1st Christmas! :)

I love ornaments that will light up!  This is one of my old ones! Again with the precious moments!

If I remeber correctly, Jody and I bought this one on our honeymoon!  I love the rustic stuff too!

This was on top of one of Brailyn's baby gifts we got at a shower!  I love that she has her very own ornaments!

Our snow village!  We have two more to go with it, but since it had to be moved from its previous spot(which was much lower to the ground if you catch my drift)  we could only put up these!  I love it!

"Ho-Ho" as he is affectionately called at our house!

Brailyn's door!  The start of her decorations!

Penny Plunket made this for Brailyn last year!  It won't fit her head anymore so we will continue to use it as decoration!

More of Brailyn's decorations!

Picture frame a few women gave Brailyn before she was born!  I love it!

Brailyn's nativity scene from Neena and Papa Dale!  She adds to it every year!  This year we got the stable!  Precious Moments! Need I say that I LOVE it!

This is one of my favorite decorations!  My mom has one of these that she has had since before I can remember!  I loved it as a child and my sissy bought me one of my very own!  I love childhood memories!

Our angel!  We are not really fond of her, because I want a Precious moments one!  I have found one, but we haven't bought it yet, maybe next year!

Brailyn's ornament for this year!  I love it!  I even love how we accidentally got her pajamas in the print!  My friend got us another one that I plan to do her foot print on(if it fits-HAHA)!  It will be hung up next year!

Goodness, I know!  I should give you a prize if you made it this far!  I just love Christmas if you can't tell!  More Christmas pics to come!  Maybe they won't be this long!  No promises!


  1. Hey I recognize that picture frame in Brailyns room....I just knew she had to have it when I seen it :) Love your Christmas decor, thanks for sharing.

  2. I absolutely love it! I remember that it was you! Thanks!

  3. Your decorations really are very pretty and I'm glad your recording it for Brailyn to remember as she grows older. Such sweet and wonderful memories!!


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