Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

    It's so hard to believe that at 5:41 P.M. today, you will officially be 2 years old.  My how time flies!  You are our precious baby girl, and we fell in love with you the moment we knew you were on your way.  The moment we saw you the first time, that love grew.  It has continued to grow and deepen with each passing day.  Daddy and Mommy are so blessed to be able to raise you.  We thank God everyday for trusting us to provide for you, raise you, and help you grow and become a wonderful Godly person(mommy couldn't say woman because it was breaking my heart to think that far down the road.) ;) We treasure you more than you will ever know! 
    You amaze us everyday.  You are always saying something or doing something new that just amazes us!  You keep us laughing constantly, and you definitely keep us on our toes!  Sometimes we can get so frustrated, but then you can love on us and give us "big squeezes"  and we just melt.  You are not perfect, but God knew that you would be perfect for us. 
    We pray that God blesses us with many, many more years with you.  You are such a joy and we wouldn't give anything for the time we have had and will have with you!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  Always know that Daddy and Mommy love you, and most of all that God loves you!

11-7-09--Your "Birthday!"
11-7-10-- You're 1 year old!

11-7-11--You're 2 years old!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Here's a little video of you showing off some of your skills! :)  We are so proud of you baby girl!  Most of these things you have been doing for months, but we finally got you still enough to capture them all on video. Plus you look extra cute when you are in the bathtub!

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