Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Beginning of an Obsession?

Hmm...Do I like these?  12-22-10

Maybe the black ones would match better!

Who me? I'm not doing anything!
What is every girl's obsession? SHOES!!!! Well, that is what they say anyway!  I am a brown and black pair kind of person and that is all I need, but my baby girl may fall into that every girl category!  OH NO!  I may need to get a job to support her! HA  I think Brailyn's real obsession is just pulling everything out of its rightful place!  Whenever we go in my room to clean or put something up, she runs to my closet and just grabs all of my clothes!  She loves to just fall into them.  My clothes hang on the bottom rack, Jody's are on the top! I wonder why!  Then after she tries to pull all my clothes out, she plops down and starts pulling out every pair of shoes I have!  She likes to examine each shoe before she puts it down!  I think I may have a girly girl on my hands!  Maybe we will be able to share shoes, otherwise, Jody may have to get a second job! :)

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  1. She'll have to have a pair for every outfit!! Girly girls are just so much fun for grandmothers!!!!


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