Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bye Baby Bunting...

Daddy's gone a hunting!

 Just a short picture post about deer season this year.  Brailyn has dressed for the occasion every year so of course she had to this year!

I'm thinking Daddy might have a hunting partner on his hands! :)
Opening Day!  November 13, 2011

She loved the deer!

We played in the sand after we played wit the deer.   She can be so girly and then so not! LOL
Her shirt says "It's hunting season.  Have you seen my daddy?" Too cute!  Thanks Uncle Andy and Aunt Jen!

Sweet Girl!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas always seems to be a busy time nowadays.  I'm thinking it is just the way it is now that we are grown and have kids of our own.  It gets hard to squeeze in every family event, but somehow we make it work.  I miss those carefree and wonder filled Christmases when I was little, but I don't think anything compares to watching Christmas through your child's eyes.

Christmas was on Sunday this year which actually made it that much better.  The reason we celebrate Christmas is Jesus Christ so what better way to do so than to worship Him with fellow believers in His house.

We scatter family Christmases throughout December.  Our immediate families have our traditions still set though.  We head down to Neena and Papa Dale's on Christmas Eve Eve and spend the night and open presents the next morning.  We come home on Christmas Eve and wake up here on Christmas morning to find out what Santa has brought us.  Then after we do our Christmas, we head down to Gramma and Pop-up's for Christmas with them and my Grandmother and Grandaddy.  We try to spend a few days with them, but sometimes it just doesn't happen depending on work schedules.

We stay busy, but we love spending time with family so it is worth it.  This year was especially fun because we got to give our presents then surprise everyone with the baby news! :)

Here is a picture rundown of Christmas 2011, brace yourself!

Decorating the Christmas tree!  She was a little more into it this year!

Isn't she a doll!

See? Big helper!!!

Christmas Card Photo!
 Christmas at Neena and Papa Dale's!
We exchange our presents with Andy, Jen, and Madi that night!

Brailyn finally woke up!  Madi waited patiently and then they were both so excited!

Traditional walking down the hall pic!

Brailyn's table and chairs from Neena and Papa!

"Playing" Madi's new game with Uncle Andy!
 Our Christmas!
Daddy reading her the Christmas Story before bed Christmas Eve.  One of my very favorite traditions.

Christmas morning!  It felt so magical! I think it was the tricycle.  Gave it a 1950's feel!   HA

She was one excited girl!

Our sweet baby!

"Simba and Mawa!"

I said she was excited...

Little monkey helped herself to her candy!

Our angel baby ready for the Church play!  Her first one!
 Christmas at Gramma and Pop-ups!
Family pic on Christmas day.

You can barely move in their house after we open!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!   Playing outside the next day!

Something went awry....  it happens!

 New Years!
This is New Years with my best friends from high school.  Lauren(middle) has the twin girls.  They are precious!  Elizabeth is on the end.  She moved far, far away on us this past year. :(  Love these girls!  All 5 of them!
 31 pictures!  Holy cow!  Be thankful that I narrowed it down, A LOT! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012


Surprise....We are expecting and It is a Girl!

Okay so it isn't a surprise anymore.  I am 26 weeks pregnant and am one week away from being in my last trimester.  It is just crazy!  I haven't posted about it yet because I didn't want to deal with our prehistoric computer, but Jody just bought us another one and we are all caught up with the 21st century!  Woohoo!  So hopefully I can get back to blogging a little more.

Anyway back to the original post.  I'm pregnant!  Jody and I found out on my birthday, December 13, that we were expecting Baby Almand #2!  We were pretty surprised.  We weren't expecting to get pregnant so soon. We had already decided to start trying after Brailyn turned two but weren't expecting it to happen so soon.  Anyway we were/are thrilled!

We decided to keep it from our families until Christmas so we could tell everyone together.  We didn't really tell Brailyn either because she can't keep secrets anymore! :)  So we bought a book at Lifeway called God Gave Us Two.  It's a book about a family of bears that already have one baby and they are preparing her for the arrival of the new baby.  Brailyn has the first book, God Gave Us You.  I love these books.  After I got the book and read it, I realized at the end that they end up having twins!  AHHH!  We ended up using the book anyway.  We had Brailyn take it to Neena while we were at their house for Christmas and it took a while for everyone to notice.  I think Jennifer noticed it first and kept hitting Andy but she didn't want to say anything.  Needless to say they were thrilled!

Then on Christmas Day I took the book to my mom to show her.  I had told her that I found a book that used the word Gramma in it, which is what the kids call her.  I was pretty excited when I saw it in the book.  Anyway, she got it and looked at it a minute and then noticed what she was reading!  They were thrilled as well!  Then on New Years Day Brailyn wore her "Big Sis" shirt to tell some more family and that is how we told everyone at church.

On April 13, we found out that we are having another sweet girl, hopefully!  That's another long story, but the tech was "pretty" sure that is what we are having.  Let's hope so because we are buying a few clothes and different things, and the nursery is staying pink!  Brailyn is also really excited about her baby sister!  Two of her cousins have become big sisters in the last 2 months and she is loving the babies!  She is so precious with them.  I hope she is that way when our precious girl comes too!

15 weeks!  My first picture!  Love my sweet baby girl who just had to be in the picture too!

19 or 20.....I can't remember.

24 weeks!
So far, this pregnancy has been even easier than Brailyn's was.  I haven't been sick at all other than the week of Christmas and even then it was just a "blah" feeling, nothing bad.  I've been a little tired but other than that I am great!  Jody would say a little grumpy but oh well! :) I've technically only gained 7 pounds so far.  I lost 2 pounds in the first 3 visits, and these last two I gained five and four respectively. :)  I thought that was a little much for just two months but my doctor is just in shock at how great my weight has been.  I guess I will keep up my ice cream habit. :)  I haven't really craved anything.  Stuff just hits me every now and then and it changes literally day by day.  With both pregnancies, anything that had tomatoes in it, spaghetti, pizza, anything italian, sounds absolutely amazing! I did crave Yoo-hoo chocolate drinks, and those still sound good!  My blood pressure has been excellent also.

We feel so blessed to be having this sweet baby girl, and also that my pregnancy has been uneventful!  We can't wait til August 19, which is the estimated due date!

Oh and she has no name yet, just in case you were wondering(ANDY ALMAND).  :)  We are working on it though!

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