Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

I love snow!  I still feel like a little kid when it is supposed to snow, getting all excited and thinking about all the fun we will have!  I can't wait for Brailyn to get old enough to get all excited about snow!  We certainly had fun this year!  On Sunday, January 9, when it started I kept pointing outside and telling Brailyn that it was snow.  She looked outside and said "no."  Now she won't quit!  It is a different "no" then when she doesn't want something. so we can tell them apart.  I had to go to the dentist yesterday and while we were getting out of the car, she looked around her carseat and said "No?"  Too precious!  We had lots of fun in the snow, even though Brailyn couldn't walk in it because it was to deep!  We didn't get out much, but we went out while it was snowing, then we took her out two more times during the week.  She loved it!  We made a snowman, mommy and baby snow angels, snowballs to hit dady with, and some yummy snow icecream!  I let Brailyn eat some of the plain snow and from that time on she was hooked!  Just like her mommy!  She would sit down and just stuff her glove in the snow and start eating!  Although this is technically her second snow(it snowed around valentine's day last year), we couldn't do much last year except lay her down and take pictures!  But we made up for it this time!  I hope it snows next year so she can run around in it!  I'm already excited!

See how deep it was!  I measured it at 7 in all around the yard!
My little snow angel!

She made a new friend! Sad little snowman I know, but it was to cold to stay out and make a big one!

I love it!

Yummy "no!"
My snow angel last year at just 3 months odl!

Helping mommy make snow icecream for the very first time: for mommy and baby!

Let me get it!

Yummy! She kept running from me to Jody taking bites of both of ours!  Yes, she was up until 11 that night after eating all that icecream!


  1. I am so glad she got to get out in the "no"!!! She really enjoyed it. I love the picture of her in the snow last year!! Hopefully you can take a picture each year!!

  2. We made snow ice cream too! First time for us as well! :-)


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