Saturday, January 22, 2011

Silly Girl!

We say that phrase a LOT at our house!  She is such a little entertainer even when she isn't trying to be!  I do not understand how a 14 month old can come up with some of the things she does!  She will play and play and do some of the funniest things that don't seem so entertaining to us, but in her eyes they must be fun!  I am so happy that she can entertain herself for the most part.  Don't get me wrong, some days all she wants is to be held and read to, and I love that too!  However, when I'm trying to get something done, it is very nice when she decides she doesn't need anyone else to have fun!  Today was one of those days!  I was inside trying to clean, and Jody was outside working on his truck.  I had done a few things, and had moved to the kitchen to wash dishes.  Brailyn was playing and being quiet, just content!  Jody came in and immediately said, "Janée, look at her!"  I turned around and this is what I saw! 
This is the box that I try to keep her toys contained in in the living room!  She was sitting on about half of her toys and books! I would say "uncomfortable", she would say "loads of fun!"  She would reach down, grab a toy, play with it, then throw it out and get another!  It was hillarious!  Here she was blowing a kiss for daddy as he was headed back outside! Such a SWEET silly girl!
Just a view from above!  It is not a big box!
Fun, fun, fun!  Notice the toys do not stay contained very well!  I pick up this room about 100 times a day!
This was a different time in the box!  She got in about 3 times today, but she couldn't get out!  She would fuss and we would have to take her out!  I say, whatever keeps them entertained works fine for me!

And yes, this happened today, but my next few posts will probably be catch-up! 
We love our silly girl!


  1. You know the saying is great things come in small boxes!! I guess we could say that for that day!! She is just great and sitting in a small box!! Such a little darling!!

  2. These pictures bring back memories. I too attempted to keep the kids toys 'contained' in a large wicker basket in my living room. Carter LOVED to pull just enough toys out that he could climb into the basket....the only problem was that the basket had a handle over the top so he would always get stuck under the handle. If I pulled him out of that basket once a day, I did it 50 times. Gosh....I want those days back!!!!


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