Thursday, October 27, 2011

Around the World in 4 Days...

Well not literally around the world but it almost felt like it.  One month ago, Jody had the opportunity to go on the Ranch Tour with the Cattlemen's Association.  He left on a Tuesday and came home that next Saturday.  He had a great time and I was really excited that he got to go.  He went to 3 different states in a span of five days, on a big charter bus! Yikes.  So we decided that I would go visiting while he was gone to make the time pass faster.  I headed down to my mom and dad's on Tuesday, left there on Thursday and headed to Hot Springs to visit Andy, Jennifer, and Madi, and then on Friday we finally returned home.  Ah.  We really enjoyed our trip too.  It was nice to get to visit and Brailyn had a blast, and it did make the time go by faster.  About halfway through the trip I realized that it was the longest time that Jody and I have been apart since we have been married, and he left on our 6 year dating anniversary. :(  On the up side, Brailyn and I survived our long trips in the car. That was the longest we have driven with just the two of us in the car and she was an angel.  We saw lots of family, and I should have taken more pictures.  However, after this post you will think I'm crazy for that last statement. Buckle your seat belts.  It's going to be a long ride! :)

Playing with Grandmother! She kept trying to ride this little bitty toy.  It's a moose, but she insisted in calling it a camel.  Not sure where that came from.  The toy was broken to begin with, but she had fun!

Reading with Grandmother!  I love this pic!

Looking for all the cats!

Playing at Nanny and Papa's! She walked in their backroom, climbed up in the wheelchair, and said "Want to ride the bike?"  We did just that!

My sweet baby girl!

She had the biggest time throwing this ball on the car and trying to catch it!

She had to sit in the big chair with the women!  I have so many memories of sitting outside on Nanny's porch!  I hope Brailyn will too!

Happy girl sliding at Gramma and Pop-up's!

Just a swingin'
She sounds like such a bossy little thing in this!  Poor Maddie gets terrorized by all the kiddos.  You can also see her stubborn streak in this one.  She gets it honest!

This video took forever!  Another sign of her stubborness! HA  But she finally got around to doing what I asked her to.  She climbed up that slide before that time, and I was standing right behind her.  I must of been daydreaming because I looked down and there she was on top! Scary.  Then I just had to video it!  She's getting to big!

Last bit of summer fun with Madi!  Madi was having a blast spraying Brailyn, and Brailyn was enjoying it too!

Notice how Madi's hair is completely dry?  It's always more fun to pour water on someone else!  Brailyn thinks it's fun to have it poured on her!  HA HA 

I didn't know we would go swimming so I didn't bring a swim diaper.  I'm also not brave enough to let her go without, so this is what my poor baby looked like after a while.  I think it started to weigh her down a little! :)  It was a mess to take off though!

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