Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You're Never To Young..

to learn about God and make a good friend!  Amanda, a friend of mine at church, found some curriculum for toddlers.  Her daughter, Elise, is only 6 weeks younger than Brailyn.  Instead of our girls sitting with us in bible study and not being able to play, she decided it would be great for them to start having class!  The curriculum she found is wonderful, and although it is just our two girls right now, we would love to have more kids!  The girls listen to the lesson, then we sing songs, play with toys that correspond, and read stories.  It has only been 5 weeks, but I think they are already learning a little.  Brailyn will grab the story and sit down in the middle of the room so we can start.  Elise loves the music video we watch and just waits on it and dances while it plays!  The girls are so cute together, and I think they are becoming great friends!  Brailyn talks about Elise a lot!  Today I got the story out that we have been reading in class and Brailyn said "Ees."(Elise)  She is to funny!  We have been meaning to bring our cameras to class to document their first Bible class, and we have both forgotten, but I remembered tonight! 
This is a regular sight when these two are together!  Brailyn loves to love on Elise!

Having a snack!  This is Brailyn's "Cheese"  face!  She just started this tonight!  I picked up the camera and she looked up and said "Cheese!"  So precious!  They like to steal each other's snacks, and Brailyn was feeding Elise tonight!

They are wearing these t-shirts so they could do their first craft!  A painting of the world because we are learning about creation!  Future Monets right here! :)

Aren't they just adorable together!  They look like big girls sitting in the chairs!

Nothing sweeter!  That's what these mommas know!

This looks more like real life!  HA!

And the essence of the relationship!  These two girls are some of the sweetest!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...

...along with Brailyn's first ponytail!

This was another day!  Surprisingly she did not mess with her hair either day with the exception of once or twice!  She kept them in nearly all day!

This is a semi-old post.  We played outside a few weeks ago when it was warm and then it got cold again.  We still try to get outside as much as we can on the nice sunny days in between the cold ones, so this is a mixture of our outside adventures lately!

So happy to be outside!

I just loved how you could see her hair in the shadow!


Isn't that just the cutest face you have ever seen?

Picnic Snack!

Spring is probably my favorite season!  It's so pretty and the weather is wonderful!  Most of the time!

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maa-Maa & Mii-Mii

Last Saturday Brailyn had two of her favorite things in one place!  Maa-Maa and Mii-Mii, otherwise known as Madi and Minnie Mouse!  I think she was in hog heaven!  Our sweet little niece turned 2 on the March 3rd!  On Saturday we went to celebrate with her at her Minnie Mouse party!  Jennifer did all the decorating and it was absolutely adorable!  Brailyn was in overload when we went in!  She didn't know whether to be more excited about Maa-Maa or Mii-Mii!  I think she was equally excited!  They had it at their church so all the kids got to play and run!  They had fun.  Brailyn thought she was as old as all of them!  We have to work on our sharing though!  She kept trying to steal everbody's balloons! One of the little boys got tired of it so he pushed her down!  HA  We know him and his parents, we just laughed(she wasn't hurt), but they didn't think it was to funny!  Sometimes she needs it so she will learn!  As long as they don't hurt my precious girl!  Anyway, we had a lot of fun and Madi was to cute!  She told everybody thank you after she opened the gift they got her!  She is a sweetheart!  Just for a heads up, we plan on doing a Minnie party, so if you see some of the same decorations, I already had them made before Madi's party! j/k!  I seriously may steal some though! 

The Birthday girl!

Having fun on Daddy's shoulders while Madi opened presents!

The cupcakes!  Delicious and so cute!

A few decorations!

A few of the kids playing!  Brailyn is there somewhere!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekend of "Hi's" and "Goodbye's"

We went to see my parent's the third weekend in February.  They had some of our missionary friends staying with them, and I really wanted to see them.  We have known Bro. Steve and Mrs. Tonya Rutherford since 1994 when Mom and Dad went to Australia on a mission trip.  They have been very good friend's ever since.  They are missionaries to Romania right now, and we only get to see them every 2 to 3 years.  SO I was real excited to see them, and for Brailyn to meet them!  She had a blast!  She warmed up pretty quickly and just hammed it up the entire time we were there!
Playing on the couch with my mom(left) and Mrs. Tonya(right).
Playing with Maddie Dog!  They were both in action if you can't tell!

Taking my dad potatoes!  She found the basket where mom keeps them and one grab one and run and take it to him!  I don't know how many he ended up with!

We left on Saturday night to come home.  When we got home, I called mom (as always :))  and she told me that my great-grandmother, Maudie Ross, had died that afternoon.  They had just found out.  Mamaw was 94 years old.  She was my dad's grandmother.  She has been down for awhile.  Her daughter, Barbra, my Grandmother's sister, died back in September.  She was slightly mentally retarded, and Mamaw took care of her.  After she died, Mamaw just let go it seems. I think she held on so long because she knew she had to take care of Barbra.  She was a very strong and good woman.  Now she is in heaven celebrating with family and Praising the LORD!  Brailyn only met Mamaw one time and that was Christmas last year.

Five generations!  My dad, my grandmother, Mamaw, Brailyn, and me!
My brother, sister, and our kids with my Grandmother and Granddaddy at the funeral.

This is my Grandmother and Grandaddy with their sons and all their kids and our kids!  My uncle(far right) just got back from his 3rd or 4th time in Afghanistan.  He has two daughters, who are 15 and 13.

Even though we hate the reason, it was nice to all be together for a while.  We went back to mom's and dad's on Sunday afternoon.  My sister and her family got there that night, and my brother and his family got there the next night.  The cousins had a blast playing together.  I think they are going to have fun at their Gramma and Pop-up's house!

Playing on the couch with James.  He taught her how to climb on the couch while we were there!  Oh joy!
Picking flowers for Gramma!
Loving on James.  I don't think he was to thrilled! 
Lovin' on Anna!  Now she ate it up!  She would say "Oh, Sweet Girl!"
James was helping pick flowers!
Playing on the air mattress!  This is where the big kids sleep!  I think it was the highlight of the trip!
All 5 playing on it!  Brailyn got knocked off shortly after this! HA  She retaliated and knocked the younger ones off later on!
She loves Anna!  They were dressed alike for visitation.  It was unintentional but so cute!
Brailyn and James
After a long weekend, this was the look I got on the way home!  HA   Actually she was an angel all weekend!  We gave the kids early naps before lunch, and she didn't even fall asleep on the ride home.  She would give me mean eyes for a minute, and then just bust out laughing! She's a mess!

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