Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmases With the Extended Families!

Our Christmases started on the 18th of December with the Almand side of our family.  We get together with Jody's aunts and their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We missed them at Thanksgiving because I got sick, so we were excited to see them.  Most of them hadn't seen Brailyn since the last Thanksgiving when she was only 3 weeks old!  Andy and Jennifer hosted it at their house this year!  It was alot of fun!  Jody's cousin Courtney had just got back from Europe from studying abroad for a semester, so it was good to see her!  We didn't take many pictures, but we did get some of Madi and Barilyn, well we tried to anyway!  Not an easy task with two busy little girls!  The kids wanted to go outside, so while the big kids played ball, the little ones, Madi and Brailyn, played on Madi's swingset.  Brailyn had a blast on the slide! 
If you listen closely I think you can hear Madi spelling her own name in the background! She's so smart!  We love her to death!

The day after Christmas we went to my Nanny's to do Christmas with my grandparent's and my mom's sister and her family! It was a lot of fun too.  It was a really quick trip though!  I love that Brailyn gets to make memories with her great-grandparents! Unfortunately, no pictures taken!

We then headed straight from there, to Jody's mom and dad's for the Waller Christmas!  I think it took us right about 2 hours to get there and Brailyn slept the whole way! Thank goodness!  This side of the family is wild!  There are 10 kids, well two of them are over 10 so not sure if we count them in the wild and crazy kid bunch!  Brailyn had lots of fun!  Her cousin Silas is a week younger than her and she loves to play with him!  We only get together with this side on Thanksgiving and Christmas too.  Sometimes, we will decide we wnat to get together in between, mostly when somebody has had a new baby which has happened quite a bit lately!  Brailyn has a ton of cousins and it's fun to get together with them!

She thought it was really fun to look through the back of the chair!  I love cheap entertainment!

Christmas day we had a short get together with my dad's parents to open presenst!  It was a crazy hectic day, but we did manage to spend a little time with them and open presents!  No pictures taken again!  Not enough time!
TO BE CONTINUED...........

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