Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nothing Like Fresh Air!

What a beautiful day we had today!  It wasn't really sunny, but you could see cracks of bright blue sky behind the fluffy white clouds!  Gorgeous!  Brailyn and I went to town this morning, and it was very dreary outside!  After she got up from her nap this afternoon, it was really pretty outside.  We headed outside, and spent a solid hour!  She ran from one neighbor's house all the way over to the other's, and all over the backyard!  We had a blast!  I love this kind of weather!  I would probably say that springtime is my favorite!
Yay! We can see the ground!

A little curl!  No matter how much I brushed it today, it still curled up! YAY!

She wasn't very happy with me!  I wouldn't let her eat the acorns!

She's so silly!
My beautiful girl!

Run like the wind!

I love these blue eyes!

Oh the beautiful sky!  I'm not a good photographer, but I have always loved it!  And I always try my hardest, so these next few are me trying!

This may be my favorite because you can see Brailyn in the background!  Don't worry, I was watching her!

A little video of my little excited girl playing outside!


  1. I love the new picture!! I love those blue eyes too. I can just feel my heart melting when I look into them!! I couldn't get the video to work. It said it was a private video. Love that sweet little girl!!

  2. I think they may have photography classes at UACCH at night. I know they rotate out what they teach. That would be a fun class to take!

    Brailyn was so sweet tonight sitting with me. She and Elise were cute with her toys.

    The third picture is hilarious...I can see her using that face many times in the future!! HaHa

  3. That class would be fun! One of my best friends minored in that in college. She has always been a natural though! Not sure I could get to her level! HA They were so sweet last night! I looked up one time and there was Elise just looking up grinning at me! They were sharing pretty good last night! I'm not sure they are supposed to do that yet! They are just advanced!
    I saw that face many times that day! Trying to eat leaves, grass, sticks, etc.!


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