Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a lot of fun this year!  I have always loved Valentine's Day being the girly girl that I am, but it is even more fun now that I have a beautiful baby girl to buy for!  We may have gone a little overboard!  Oh well, we love on her every day, but it's fun to have one special day to just set aside to do nothing but shower love on each other!  I love buying her presents!  We bought her 6 books, and a stuffed animal!  I love the animal, it is an owl that is pink with pink hearts all over it, and on it it says, "Whoooo Loves You?  John 3:16."  I love it!  Then her sweet Daddy started a tradition of buying her a stuffed animal last year so that continues this year with a stuffed dog and she loves it!  She also got 4 cards in the mail today! Fun, Fun!  One from her Gramma and Pop-up, one from her Great-Grandmother and Grandaddy, on from my friend Lauren's twin girls, and one from Uncle Andy, Aunt Jen, and Ma-mi!  She also got a stuffed dog, some snacks, and a balloon from Neena and Papa Dale!  She is going to be one spoiled little girl!  I also bought her a balloon today when we went to Rehkoph's.  She giggled and hit that balloon all through the store!  Then she squealed at the top of her lungs all the way home!  I think those were her best presents!  Jody and I didn't really do presents this year.  He got me a bear with the year stamped on its foot, our little tradition since Christmas 2005!  I absolutely love it!  I cooked him a steak supper and a red velvet cake in the shape of heart!  We had a nice romantic candlelit dinner along with our sweet little baby sitting in her highchair!  Doesn't get any better than that.  Daddy also got a present from his baby girl today.  I just thought of it this morning, and made it!  She stamped her hands down on a piece of paper, and they made a heart!  I framed it and it says "My Heart Belongs to Daddy!"  He loves it!  Then after she went to bed, we drank some sparkling red grape juice! YUM!  It was mainly for me!  Wow, that was a long post!  Now it will be followed by a bunch of pictures!  Brace yourself!
Our little Valentine before church last night!

Her new kissy face!

Giving daddy his present!
Her card with some money! YAY!
Reading her card from Uncle Andy, Aunt Jen, and Ma-mi!  It sang the theme song!

Card from Gramma and Pop-up!

Opening her presents from mommy and daddy!

I think she loves her dog from Daddy!

Surounded by all her things!  The owl we bought her is in front of her!

The cake and candles

Playing with her "boon!"

The set table!
I think this was the first candlelight dinner I have ever had!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. This post is so sweet. I'm not real sure but I think by the looks of the pictures, the 'dot dog' card was a HUGE hit. I think it's sweet that all three of you had a candlelight dinner. Looks like you guys had a perfect evening.

  2. We did! And yess, the card was a huge hit! After we opened it she didn't really want anything else! She is too funny! We tried to get a video of her because she would grab it, open it, and then start spinning in circles while it played! We had a wonderful evening!

  3. My goodness...did you go just a wee bit overboard?!?! Just kidding. I'm a girly girl, too, but you're WAY more creative about things than me!!

    Don't you just love giving Brailyn books? Elise has those Golden books and I love how she'll crawl in her room and sit and "read" her books now all by herself. They are both growing up TOO FAST!!!

  4. I know! I really did! We went to Lifeway about a month ago and they were having a sale on those, so of course I had to buy them all! Then I saw the "I love you, mommy", and I love you, Daddy" ones and had to get them tool! I'm thinking I'll probably tone it down a little nesxt year! MAybe! I love buying her books! She just sits and flips through all of her books for 30 minutes at a time! They are growing way too fast! I hope they loove to read when thwy get older too!

  5. Precious, precious, precious!! What more could I say???


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