Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a Little Cuteness!

Brailyn was being a little ham tonight! We laughed and played all night!  She's so silly and just too cute!

Giving momma a big ol' kiss!  If you can't tell, it was so sweet, but not so comfortable!

Puppy Love!

Having a little tea with mommy!

Crazy hair!  Her hair is really starting to grow! FINALLY!

Snuggling with Minnie before getting her teeth brushed!
Just a little video recap:
She's our silly little monkey!  I think our hearts would burst if we could love her anymore!

***This was all taken on Wednesday night!  It has taken me 3 days to get the video figured out and uploaded! AHHHH!  I'm glad it's finally on here though!


  1. I'm dying here......first of all the picture of her giving you lovin is so cute. I remember having to tell Carter that his loves are not suppose to hurt Mommy. He used to squeeze my neck so hard I couldn't breathe and kiss me so hard that his teeth would sink into my cheek. When he got old enough to understand what I meant, instead of the hard kisses he started licking my face. Never thought I'd miss those days~lol. Now on to the picture of her 'wild hair'.....I can't stop laughing at it....I laughed so hard til my stomach cramped. She is hilarious!!!!

  2. It does not feel good! Now she gives me great big hugs, but pulls my hair afterwards! She gets in big time trouble for that, but I hate to punish her for hugging me! Glad you liked it!

  3. Iam so glad you got her talking on the phone. We were rolling at our house just listening to her. It is much better to be able to see it!! That is one sweet and adorable little girl!!


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