Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Miss Priss

Brailyn has always liked to grab random things and put on her head!   She's pretty funny like that!  Lately she has been bringing me hats and headbands to put on her.  Both of these things are in places that she is not supposed to get into, but that is a whole different story and she looks so darn cute wearing them!  She will bring me different things throughout the day to either put on her head or on her arms.  I didn't know she could become so prissy and into dress up so early!  Here we go!
This one makes me think she is headed to the gym to work out!

Please excuse the finger up the nose!

The changing pad cover!  Yes it is clean!

She just sat down and played for a long time!

Doesn't the bracelet just pull it altogether!

Her pajama pants!  This is her little mirror!  As soon as she gets something on she runs to the stove!

Kind of gangsta! HA

So if anyone can explain to me why she doesn't mind having these on, but always takes her bows off, I will buy you a prize! HA


  1. Those pictures are just priceless!! Had me laughing out loud for sure!! She looks so prissy in the one with the changing pad on her head!! But I love the one with the sunglasses and the bracelet!! I also love her mirror!! That is just too cute!!! I love that little sweetheart!!

  2. It's the point that she KNOWS that you want the bows in hair! Ha! :-) Addison does the SAME thing. She will wear a bow all day at home...put her in the carseat and that's the first thing that gets taken off! She needs some of those slip on shoes...those dress up kids high heels. The girls have a pair and they were them all the time!


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