Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun on the Farm!

So I know I have posted nearly everyday this week, but a lot of stuff has been happening. So here is another one!  After the fall festival yesterday we went down to Neena and Papa Dale's so daddy could do some work around their deer stands.  So I decided Brailyn would have her first farm experience.  I dressed her in her overalls and we took off!  After daddy got done with all his work, it was time for Brailyn to have some fun.  She took her first ride on the tractor with daddy! She wasn't so sure about it at first but after a while she had fun! Also, she only had one nap yesterday so she wasn't getting real excited about anything last night.  After her tractor ride, all three of us went for a 4-wheeler ride.  I think she liked the wind blowing in her face.  We rode up to see the cows.  She started getting excited by this point.  She really loved the cows!  She wanted to get them but they wouldn't get close enough.  We headed back and stopped to look at the ostriches.  She liked them too!  I didn't want them to come close!  After all our riding, she got to swing in the swing that the put up for Madi and her!  She really enjoyed herself on the swing.  At supper she had a little bit of a hamburger, but she chowed down on some tomato! She loved it.   It is so fun watching her feed herself!  We had a great day hanging out on the farm!  I think she is going to love it!

I love this picture! Riding off with daddy!

First tractor ride!

First 4-wheeler ride! Not fond of this pic of me, but it was the best we had!

Laid back on daddy letting the wind blow through my hair!

Let me get 'em! She looks so cute in her overalls!

Come here cows!


Just swinging! She was clapping, she was so excited!

Got a mouth full! I was cutting them up but she grabbed a big piece and popped it in!

I love some tomato!

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  1. We love having the little darling down here!! She was so cute!! Keep on coming down to the farm, Neena and Papa Dale love the time we have with you all!!


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