Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Fun Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend!  Andy, Jennifer, and Madi came to Prescott.  They stopped at the house, we had some supper, then we got ready for the ballgame!  They looked too cute in their matching outfits!  We enjoyed the game! Well what we saw of it anyway.  We don't really get to watch the game anymore! HA!  Then on Saturday we headed to Neena and Papa Dale's for the day!  Neena and I got to watch Madi and Brailyn.  They are so much fun and the sweetest little girls if I do say so myself!  Brailyn walked quite a bit on Saturday!  She wanted to keep up with Madi so bad!  She would just let go of stuff and take off! A little too fast sometimes!  I think they are going to have lots of fun!  We may have our hands full.  I'm not sure which one will be the ringleader!  I think it may be about equal!  Brailyn would scream(just for fun), then Madi would! They loved that game!  Anyway, here are a few pics from the weekend!

All ready to go to the ballgame! The only way to get a pic together is to hold them down!

Aunt Jen keeping the little ones occupied!

Madi lost some steam! Don't worry she caught her second wind! I thought this pic was precious!

It got a little chilly! 

Oh I love it! 

The end to a wonderful weekend!  Do you like my mohawk?


  1. These two girls are so adorable!! I bet they grow up close like sisters and will be good friends all their lives. I absolutely love the picture of Brailyn's 'mohawk'....too cute!! By the way, she walked ALOT in the nursery Sunday....well when she wasn't running in the walker that is~~~lol

  2. I love the pictures!! Those little girls have to be the two sweetest little girls in the world!! I agree with you!! I also love the mohawk picture! However you fix her hair she is adorable!!


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