Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy weekend!

This past weekend we went to Rye to see my mom and dad.  I hate it because we don't get to stay long.  It's always a quick trip, but we managed to squeeze a lot in.  Brailyn got to go see all of her great grandparents this weekend! She had a blast! She was the sweetest little girl too! On Friday night when it was time for bed, we went to tell everyone good night and she gave everyone sugar! This is the first time she has really done that! Then when we were leaving on Saturday she started blowing kisses! Of course she doesn't actually throw them away, but it's a start! Here are some pics from the weekend!

Brailyn and her Pop-up!

Brailyn and her Gramma!

Brailyn and her Papa! My mom's dad!

Brailyn and Nanny! Momma's mom

Playing with a puzzle and Nanny and Papa's!
Playing with Snuggles at Nanny and Papa's! She loves dogs!

Brailyn and Grandmother! My daddy's mom

Brailyn and Granddaddy! Daddy's dad!

Modeling Granddaddy's hat!

Home Sweet Home!

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