Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Festival and Fashion Show!

Today was Prescott's fall festival.  It's nothing real big but they have some booths and other activities and people from the community come and sell stuff too, kind of like a big garage sale.  On the courthouse lawn they had a few activities.  They had a pageant, the dance classes performed, a photo contest and this year a fashion show.  We entered Brailyn in the photo contest.  I'm not sure how she did. We did not get to talk to the lady doing it.  Brailyn was also in the fashion show.  The woman running the store asked us at the ball game the other night if Brailyn could be in it and wear her curley wolves tutu.  The tutu came from her store.  We told her yes, so today Brailyn modeled her tutu and one other outfit.  It was really fun and she looked cute.  We didn't get to get a lot of good pictures because it was going so fast, but we still got a few!  After the fashion show we just walked around a little enjoying the nice morning.  I think Brailyn had fun! We sure did! 

Before the fashion show started! This was her first outfit.  I think it's adorable! I may have to go buy it!

I love it!

In her second outfit! Her tutu!

Just hanging out, enjoying the ride!

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  1. She was so good and did a great job on her first "modeling job". She is just a little doll!


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