Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet little busy body!

Brailyn has really kept us busy these last few weeks! It seems like everday she is doing something new! She is into everything and she isn't even walking yet! She sure keeps us on our toes.  She is our little sweetheart! She gave me my first big mommy scare the other day.  She gets into everything, climbs over, under, and around everything! I knew the day was coming where she would hurt herself.  She has hit her head numerous times but it doesn't seem to bother her anymore! The other day she was in her crib just playing and standing up. This is one of her favorite things to do! I was in the room with her, but most of the time when she's in her crib I'm trying to get things done around the house. The crib is a pretty safe place! Ha! I was on the phone and all the sudden Brailyn started screaming! Se was still standing up so I didn't know what was going on! I got off the phone to check it out. I noticed blood in her mouth! Talk about scary, especially for a new mommy! I finally figured out that she ripped the piece of skin that goes from her lip to her gums! I mean totally disconnected it! It broke my heart and scared me half to death! I finally got it to stop bleeding.  The doctor said there was nothing I could do! All is fine, but oh my I did not like that feeling! Anyway, now I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!
Eating spaghetti for the first time! Momma was scared to give her some with the sauce!

Two hands aren't enough!
Such a sweetie! She is starting to grow some hair! We can tell because it is starting to be a mess when she gets up
Now what can I reach?

Getting into more stuff!

Reading her book!
I love this dress!
I got under here, now how do I get out? Under Neena and Papa Dale's coffee table!
Having fun in the kitchen! One of our favorite places to be!

Helping momma do laundry? She loves to pull them all off the couch, then roll around in them!
Looking at some pictures! Not supposed to be messing with them but momma left the room for a minute!

So I know that's a lot of pictures but I can't help myself! We just love her to pieces! We are so blessed!


  1. I'm fairly sure I would've been close to a heart attack...not looking forward to these days with Elise at all!!

    Love, love, love all the beautiful pictures of Brailyn. She has got an awesome personality...such a sweetheart! Keep all the pics coming.

    Girl, I have tried to write info with each pic and cannot get it figured out...I guess I'm such a dunce when it comes to technology!

  2. I love all the pics but I think my favorite two are the one of her with the bowl on her head and under the coffee table. She is a busy little sweetheart. Not a dull moment around your house!!!

  3. Bless her little heart (and yours too)....the scary times are just starting. The busted mouths always scared me too. Emilee fell once and her top teeth went so far into her bottom lip, scared me to death, I just knew there was going to be permanent damage. lol Little did I know that there would many more of those types of incidents. Love all the pictures!


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