Saturday, September 25, 2010

laziness, craziness, and sweetness!

Our lazy, crazy, wonderful life over the past week!

All dressed up for church! She looks like such a big girl! :(

Oh, sweet girl!

Crazy Hair! Yay! Glad we finally have enough to be crazy!
Serious face!
Relaxing watchin baby einsteins while mommy gets ready!
Even more relaxed!

Supporting the curley wolves in the outfit mommy made!

back view!


  1. That's Neena precious little girl!! I love the pictures. Especially the one relazing watching Baby Einsten!!

  2. I also love the little outfit that Mommy made for the ballgame!! Great job!!She is just too cute!!

  3. You did do a fantastic job on her little outfit. You keep dressing her like that and she'll for sure be a Curley Wolf cheerleader one day :)
    When Emilee was a little bit older than Brailyn, her Grandmother found a tiny recliner and she would love to sit and recline in it when she watched tv. Of course that was before Baby Einsteins so she got her young education from Barney and Friends and Sesame Street~~lol.


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