Friday, September 17, 2010

Go Curley Wolves!

We took Brailyn to her first Curley Wolves football game! I love football and I hope she will too! She really seemed to tonight.  She loved to watch the cheerleaders and I think her favorite part was the band! Our little sweetheart loves music! She wasn't sure what to think after the first big play when everyone started screaming but she didn't mind it the rest of the time.  We left at the beginning of the fourth quarter because she was rubbing her eyes and restless, but as soon as we got in the car the started talking and having a big time! She looked so precious in her little tutu that Neena got her! Had to be wearing curley wolf colors! I didn't get a good picture of just her, but don't worry Neena, I'll get one tomorrow and post it! At one point tonight she was looking up at the press box saying "doh, doh, doh!" I looked up to where she was looking and sure enough there was a wolf painted on the press box! That is how she says dog! It was close enough! That's our little smart girl! Anyway, here are some pictures of her supporting those curley wolves!
Family shot before leaving for the game!

"What is going on?" Watching the first few minutes!

Mommy and Brailyn watching the game! There was to much going on. She wouldn't look at the camera!
A liitle boy from our church caught a grasshopper! He said it was his pet! he played with it nearly the whole game and terrorized teh little girls with it!
Mrs. Kristi caught a football and gave it to Brailyn! She loved it! Thanks Kristi!
Future curley wolf and curley wolf alumnus! Daddy's so proud of his little curley wolf fan!


  1. I don't believe I have ever seen a prettier and sweeter little Curley Wolf!!! Those pictures are precious!! I am kicking myself for not going to the game and seeing her in real life!! She is Neena's precious little darling!!

  2. How cute! What a darling little outfit! She looks so cute! And, you know I have to comment on Janée's shirt....LOVE that shirt. Somebody I know helped design that shirt...and, as I recall, he was BRILLIANT! :) :)

  3. She did look precious in that tutu; the best looking fan there :)! I couldn't resist giving her the football especially when I looked down there where ya'll were and she was leaning way out in the isle looking down towards me with the ball...I knew she wanted it BAD!


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