Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun Entertainment!

This is how we stay entertained in the car!  I think Brailyn was entertaining us more than we were her!  We repeated this sequence about 3 or more times!  So proud of our sweet baby girl!  I feel like she is at a stage now where she is just soaking up knowledge!  She repeats and remembers nearly every word we tell  her!  Here is my baby showing of her skills! :)

We recorded that in the car on the way to Hot Springs last night.  Jennifer had a pass to shop early at the Rhea Lana's sale, so the guys kept the girls and us mommas went and shopped!  It was a lot of fun, and we found some great deals!  The guys said that the girls had fun too!  I'm really glad Jennifer invited me to go with her!
Hanging out with Daddy/Uncle Jo-Jo!

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  1. That is just so precious!! She is Neena's little sweetheart!! I love the picture of Daddy/Uncle JoJo with the girls!!


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