Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brailyn's First Love!

Her daddy probably just fainted when he read the title! HA  No, it's not a little boy!  It's "Dot Dog" and everyone of his friends, especially Minnie!  I guess I should say her first favorite TV show, because we all know that Mommy and Daddy are her first loves!  However, if you know us at all, you know that Brailyn loves her Mickey Mouse, aka "Dot Dog," and all his friends!  I have proof!
Wiping Minnie's nose!  She has started taking care of her toys!  It is the sweetest thing!  She will wipe their noses or cover them with a blanket!  She has just started being the sweetest little mothering baby!

Minnie pjs!  You will notice throughout these pictures and video she has about 3 different Minnie pjs!  She has 1 more that is short sleeved and I may be crazy but she has never slept well in those so we don't wear them anymore!  Also, notice the 1 shoe and the sock on her hand!  She brought both things to me to put on her and wore them for about 30 minutes!

"Cheese!"  Notice the pjs!

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Along with wiping noses and covering with blankets, she has started diapering and dressing them!  In fact I had to undress her big Minnie last night because I needed the top for Brailyn's pjs!  She still has on her diaper though!

Loving on Minnie after breakfast!  Minnie had to eat breakfast right beside her!

In the video, there is a part where I thought Brailyn said "There he is!"  which she says for everything we ask her, but she actually says "Cheese!"  Trust me you will know what I'm talking about!  She is so funny when she watches, because she knows the order in which they show up, and she names them all and tells them "Hi!"  She is my sweetheart!

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  1. There he is!! That is so cute!! That baby loves Dot Dog "nearly" as much as I love her!! She is just so precious!!


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