Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You're Never To Young..

to learn about God and make a good friend!  Amanda, a friend of mine at church, found some curriculum for toddlers.  Her daughter, Elise, is only 6 weeks younger than Brailyn.  Instead of our girls sitting with us in bible study and not being able to play, she decided it would be great for them to start having class!  The curriculum she found is wonderful, and although it is just our two girls right now, we would love to have more kids!  The girls listen to the lesson, then we sing songs, play with toys that correspond, and read stories.  It has only been 5 weeks, but I think they are already learning a little.  Brailyn will grab the story and sit down in the middle of the room so we can start.  Elise loves the music video we watch and just waits on it and dances while it plays!  The girls are so cute together, and I think they are becoming great friends!  Brailyn talks about Elise a lot!  Today I got the story out that we have been reading in class and Brailyn said "Ees."(Elise)  She is to funny!  We have been meaning to bring our cameras to class to document their first Bible class, and we have both forgotten, but I remembered tonight! 
This is a regular sight when these two are together!  Brailyn loves to love on Elise!

Having a snack!  This is Brailyn's "Cheese"  face!  She just started this tonight!  I picked up the camera and she looked up and said "Cheese!"  So precious!  They like to steal each other's snacks, and Brailyn was feeding Elise tonight!

They are wearing these t-shirts so they could do their first craft!  A painting of the world because we are learning about creation!  Future Monets right here! :)

Aren't they just adorable together!  They look like big girls sitting in the chairs!

Nothing sweeter!  That's what these mommas know!

This looks more like real life!  HA!

And the essence of the relationship!  These two girls are some of the sweetest!


  1. OH MY!!! I teared up just now reading this post and looking at the pictures. This is the sweetest blog post ever!!! They are just too cute together. I pray they can always be good friends with each other; Jesus believing friends that stand up and look out for each other!!

    Thank you so much for remembering to bring your camera and suggesting the wonderful craft idea. Such sweet memories!!

  2. Amanda isn't the only one that teared up!! I did too!! That is just so precious!! Wonderful memories for those two precious little girls!! I am so thankful that they are being taught about Jesus and God at such an early age!!! They are both just so darling!!


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