Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maa-Maa & Mii-Mii

Last Saturday Brailyn had two of her favorite things in one place!  Maa-Maa and Mii-Mii, otherwise known as Madi and Minnie Mouse!  I think she was in hog heaven!  Our sweet little niece turned 2 on the March 3rd!  On Saturday we went to celebrate with her at her Minnie Mouse party!  Jennifer did all the decorating and it was absolutely adorable!  Brailyn was in overload when we went in!  She didn't know whether to be more excited about Maa-Maa or Mii-Mii!  I think she was equally excited!  They had it at their church so all the kids got to play and run!  They had fun.  Brailyn thought she was as old as all of them!  We have to work on our sharing though!  She kept trying to steal everbody's balloons! One of the little boys got tired of it so he pushed her down!  HA  We know him and his parents, we just laughed(she wasn't hurt), but they didn't think it was to funny!  Sometimes she needs it so she will learn!  As long as they don't hurt my precious girl!  Anyway, we had a lot of fun and Madi was to cute!  She told everybody thank you after she opened the gift they got her!  She is a sweetheart!  Just for a heads up, we plan on doing a Minnie party, so if you see some of the same decorations, I already had them made before Madi's party! j/k!  I seriously may steal some though! 

The Birthday girl!

Having fun on Daddy's shoulders while Madi opened presents!

The cupcakes!  Delicious and so cute!

A few decorations!

A few of the kids playing!  Brailyn is there somewhere!


  1. Madi sure enjoyed celebrating her birthday with her "Bray-Bray" too! Thanks for coming! It won't be long until we'll be celebrating Miss Brailyn's 2nd year! It goes by way toooo fast!

  2. Oh don't remind me! It really does!

  3. Well Neena sure had a great time seeing her girls playing!! We are so blessed to have such sweethearts!!


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