Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...

...along with Brailyn's first ponytail!

This was another day!  Surprisingly she did not mess with her hair either day with the exception of once or twice!  She kept them in nearly all day!

This is a semi-old post.  We played outside a few weeks ago when it was warm and then it got cold again.  We still try to get outside as much as we can on the nice sunny days in between the cold ones, so this is a mixture of our outside adventures lately!

So happy to be outside!

I just loved how you could see her hair in the shadow!


Isn't that just the cutest face you have ever seen?

Picnic Snack!

Spring is probably my favorite season!  It's so pretty and the weather is wonderful!  Most of the time!

Happy Spring!


  1. That new little ponytail is so cute!! Reminds me of Pebbles Flintstone!! She is just a little mess!! Love the outside pics too!!

  2. Hey...I want to see another post on sweet, sweet Bray Bray!!! I know I shouldn't even say that since I find it incredibly hard to do one myself! It took me over thirty minutes just to load the pictures on the last one.

    LOVE all the pics!

  3. My favorite is the one with the orange bow. So cute!! :)


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