Friday, November 5, 2010

A Few "Firsts" before the BIG "1"

 These are just a few more of Brailyn's firsts before she has her big one!  I figured it was time for me to post them or she would already be the big "1"! 

Taking her first sippy cup of whole milk!  She wasn't so sure about it at the time but now she loves it! Today she chugged it down and turned her sippy cup up to try and get more!  YAY!

Her first meal without any baby food at all!  Spaghetti and corn!  YUM-YUM!  I love how she is holding the spoon.  She only eats table food now except for her cereal!  She has liked most everything, but she's not crazy about green beans!  As always she loves pasta, bread, and potatoes!

Getting her teeth brushed for the first time!  I am probably way behind on this and there are no excuses.  SHe has 11 teeth now! Oh My!  I felt her 3rd molar yesterday!  She is not so sure about it about getting her teeth brused, but it is becoming part of our bedtime routine!  Mommy just wants to get a regualr brush instead of the finger one!  OUCH!

Isn't she growing up fast!
She walks more than she crawls now!  She still isn't standing up without holding on to anything, that we can see anyway!  She wobbles a little but I think she loves it and it is too cute!  This morning she was walking from the couch to the chair and when she would get to one she would just scream at the top of her lungs!  She was so proud of herself!  I would say her first step was around 10 months but now it is almost full out walking!  I don't have any pics or videos to put up yet, but I will!


  1. Our little sweetheart is sure growing up fast!! She is just so precious!!

  2. Neena & Papa DaleNovember 7, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    Happy Birthday sweet little darling!! Neena and Papa Dale love you so much!!

  3. One year old!!! Wow!!! I love this age tho. She looked so grown up yesterday, I know it was in my mind :)


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