Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crazy Hair Day!

Brailyn's hair does it's own thing most days.  No, it is not very long yet, but it can get CRAZY!  And it was crazy all day today!  
So you can't see it very well, but when she got up from her nap today, one side, only one side, was flipped out from the tip top of her head to her neck!  It looked like I had taken a teeny, tiny curling iron and flipped layers!  It was adorable!

After her bath!  I usually only wash her hair twice a week, but tonight while eating supper, I looked over and spotted a piece of her porkchop laying nice and neat right in the center of her head.  Then later, I found a piece of potato stuck in the back of her hair!  So she had it washed again!  After we got out of the tub, she looked at her self in the mirror and just laughed and laughed!
My little missy prissy!  Now when I ask her if she is a funny girl, this is what she does!  So silly!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how could she be so precious!! I love the new hairdos but that funny girl pose just tears me up!! I love that sweet baby!!


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