Saturday, June 21, 2014

~6 AMAZING Years~

Happy Sixth Anniversary to my wonderful husband!

Six years ago today, I got ready and walked down the aisle to the most handsome man, with tear filled eyes, and a heart full of love for God and me.  I often wonder why God blessed me so.  I had prayed since I was a young teenager for God to give me the man He would have for me.  One who would love me unconditionally, but one who would love God more and lead me the way God lays out for him to do according to the Bible.  Little did I know, God would give him to me only after he made me pay $75 for an accounting book for me to use that next semester in college! :) (I think Jody and God were in cahoots on that one.) He answered my prayers and then some when He gave me Jody.
One of my absolute favorite pictures from our wedding day!

Mr. and Mrs. Jody Almand! 6-21-08
I love being married to Jody.  He makes me laugh till I can't breathe sometimes, Brailyn always wants to know if I am "cry-laughing!" She thinks it's too funny!  Sure, we get mad at each other from time to time, and sometimes it takes us a little bit to simmer down, but then it's over and he has me laughing again.  I am so thankful that God blessed me with him.  These past six years have been amazing, and packed full of life.  From newlyweds, then all of a sudden, parents just six months after our one year anniversary, to new fun family vacations, then not quite three years later becoming the parents to another beautiful baby girl! And let me just say since she entered the world almost two years ago, life went form what we thought was crazy busy, to extremely busy! Little Stinker! We have truly been blessed in these six years! I love sharing this wonderful, busy, full life with my best friend! He is such a wonderful Godly example and leader to our family.
Just babes while we were dating!

The story of out life! :) Actually, right after he booked our Honeymoon!

Honeymooners in Branson!

Always kids at heart! Fun times on our honeymoon!

Headed to the hospital to become parents for the first time!

Brailyn Amber, 11-7-09

Here we go! 

Baby dedication! Mother's Day 2010

Our beach vacation to Galveston before we became a family of 4!

Last night as a family of 3!

Headed to the hospital to meet Lainee!

Lainee Elizabeth, 8-14-12

Our 5 year anniversary!

Family Fun!

Our latest family picture! 6-7-14

I'm ready to see what the next year has for us, and all the years to come! I'm sure there will be plenty more "cry-laughing!"

Love you Babe!

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