Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Father's Day and Mother's Day!

Since we are blessed by two precious girls that are the reason we get to celebrate these holidays ourselves, I wanted to do a recap of both.

We have both been blessed by amazing Godly parents who we get to celebrate each year, but I don't know that we know just how important and blessed we are to have them, until we have children of our own.  Now, it seems even more special to celebrate these days and our parents because of our two blessings.  Of course, we enjoy getting to celebrate each other, and helping our children understand the importance of letting mommy and daddy know how much we appreciate them, and making things and buying presents is a fun way to do that.  Most importantly though, just spending time with them and showering them with affection and thinking just of them. So here are our Mother's Day and Father's Day 2014!

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day at my parents' house this year.  We usually try to switch out years and go down for Mother's Day one year and then Father's Day the next.  So, we went to see my mom.  The kids love going to Gramma and Pop-ups! This year was my mom's first year without my Nanny on Mother's Day.  I was especially glad that we were down there for her this year.  God works these things out long before we can even imagine.  We had a great weekend, and just had lots of downtime to enjoy each other!  I wanted to take Mom to see the movie Mom's Night Out, but it wasn't playing at any theater near us.  Bummer! Jody and the girls bought me a Polar Fit watch that I wanted and that I love! and they colored some pretty pictures for me! Here is a picture recap!

My sweet pumpkins!

This was my present! I put it on for a day of cleaning houses and this is how many calories I burned! WOOHOO!
This is an older picture, but this is my Nanny.  We miss her everyday.

Me, my babies, and my mom

Father's Day

We spent Father's Day here this year.  We woke up that morning at 6:52 with a "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!" form Brailyn.  We took Jody his favorite breakfast, sausage and biscuit, in bed, then after we all got ready for church, we had time to open presents! The girls were so excited! We got him some gloves, a thermometer, and a meat injector for him to master the art of smoking meat and barbecuing! Then the girls made him a photo book, or I did anyway, of pictures of them and Jody.  I asked Brailyn a series of favorite things questions about her Daddy, and she did such a good job! She is a total mess.  Then we made him one of his favorite desserts, strawberry delight! Brailyn was especially thankful for that surprise. ;) Oh, and she bought him a pack of Rolos from Super One Foods for Father's Day.  She was so proud of the gift she picked out, and I think it may have been one of his favorite gifts. :) We had an amazing day at church, and even got to hear Daddy sing his first Sunday morning special at church.  He did AMAZING and it made the day even more special.  then we celebrated that night with his dad by going out to eat, which is always a highlight of Brailyn's Sundays, when we go out to eat with Neena and Papa! Here is a picture recap of Father's Day!

Breakfast in Bed!

Are they not precious?!?

Daddy and his girls headed to church!

We made some special memories!  My prayer is to always stress the importance of letting people know you love them and care for them to my girls.  Presents and material things are not the most important way of doing so, but just being there and thinking of them is!  I am so thankful for the Godly examples our parents were and still are to us.  I pray our girls will say the same about us one day.  I am beyond grateful for Jody, and the Godly example he gives to me, and I can already see him setting for our girls. He is the best daddy in the world, and Braiyln and Lainee adore him and I'm pretty sure he is pretty fond of them too. ;) We have been exceedingly abundantly blessed! 

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