Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cubbie Bear and Brailyn

We finished our AWANA year at church in May, and Brailyn finished her first year of Cubbies! If you are not familiar with the AWANA program, it is a program for children ages two or three all the way through sixth grade.  AWANA is an acronym for Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed.  It places a heavy emphasis on scripture memorization, application, and discipleship.  We. Love. It.

This is our second year of AWANA and the first year that Jody and I worked in the program.  This was Brailyn's first year to have to learn scriptures.  She did amazing! She finished her first book and learned 23 verses. I think.

We started working with Brailyn the summer before she turned three on learning scriptures. The first one she learned was Genesis 1:1. We would try and learn one a week or one every two weeks.  She had memorized three verses before she started Cubbies.

We believe that scripture memorization is very important. The Lord tells us over and over again how important His Word is.  In those moments when we can do nothing else, can't even think, if we have God's Word hidden in our heart it will help and comfort us.  This is why we are working so hard with Brailyn and will when Lainee is ready.  The AWANA program and Brailyn have really helped Jody and I learn more too.  It's never to late!

So here is our Cubbie Girl from the beginning of the year and her last Cubbie night of the year!

Brailyn saying her memory verses last night!

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