Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My baby is three years old today.  Where in the world has the time gone?  I know it's so cliche to say that it seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital, but that's the truth.  I remember bringing her home and thinking, "Now what?" The months back then seemed to pass slow and fast all at the same time.  You can't wait for them to start sitting up on their own, then it's crawling and walking, and before you know it, your baby is no longer a baby!

1 month! 12-13-09

1 year!  11-6-10

2 years!  11-7-11

3 years!!! 11-7-12

Me and my big 3 year old!

Brailyn is such a character!  She keeps us laughing nearly all day.  The stuff she comes up with sometimes is so hilarious.  It would be nice to be inside her mind for one second just to see how she thinks of these things! HA  She still loves her "Dot Dog and Minnie," and that is what she still calls the show.  She will call Mickey by name any other time except for when she says that she wants to watch the show and that is what she calls it.  I absolutely love that she still does this!  We are starting to like the princesses a little more each day and lately she has been using her magic wand to turn us into princesses,  all four of us. :)  She doesn't let me read to her as much as she used to, but she still loves her books.  She really loves puzzles now, and is getting really good at them.  She has one she does all by herself and then her 24 piece puzzles she can almost do all alone.  She knows all of her ABCs and can recognize them.  She is even starting to recognize and say the sound of a few--O,G, and A i know for sure.  She counts to at least 20, and recognizes most of her numbers through 10.  She just amazes us everyday.  Right before Lainee was born, she started taking herself to the bathroom all be herself.  She only calls us when she needs us.  She is such a big girl!  She still loves to help me do anything and everything from washing dishes to cooking and lots of other things.  She loves for us to go to her room and play with her toys in there.
Fun, Fun!! May 2012

First Frosty!

This girl loves some watermelon!

Just like Daddy!

Elmo went to church wit us!

Finger paint!

Circus! July 2012

Cutie pie!

Silly girl!

She has been the best big sister!  We were a little worried on how she would take on the role, but she has been great!  She absolutely loves Lainee.  All she wants to do is hug, kiss and hold her.  We have to remind her to give Lainee a little space because she always wants to be right beside her and right in her face!  Every morning she wants to see Lainee.  If Lainee is awake, she will always talk to her first.  This morning she came in and Lainee was awake, she climbed on the bed and said, "Hi pretty girl. Oh, hi.  Sissy's awake!" Then she gives her at least one kiss and a big hug!  I love and feel so blessed on how she is doing as a sister!  I can't wait to see how their bond grows as they get older!
Holding her for the first time!

Snuggling together!

Trying to make her happy!


Sweet girls!

Nightly routine now!

Matching girls!

Getting kisses from sissy!

Brailyn has been such a blessing to us and we thank God everyday for giving her to us!  We love her more than words could ever express!  She is our little strong willed, hyper, very talkative, social little thing and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Daddy and Mommy love you Baby Girl!  Happy Birthday!

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  1. We are so blessed to have that sweet baby doll in our lives!! Love that sweet 3 year old!!


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