Monday, November 5, 2012

A Little Late Night, Lights Out, Silliness

Saturday Night the lights went out when the storm blew through.  I happened to be in Brailyn's room because she heard the thunder and called me back there to see what was happening.  She said, "Look mommy!" I told her yeah it was lightning and she said, "It's so pretty!"  :)  Glad she can appreciate all of God's amazing powers!  Then the lights went out after a big clap of thunder and Daddy came to the rescue with a flashlight to set up in her room, but then she didn't want us to leave.  We stayed in her room and snuggled and played for a while which turned into this:

The rules of the game...I had to make the same face she did!   Such a silly girl! 

Sorry if you have nightmares after viewing this! It had been a rough day!!! HA  Couldn't resist posting some silly, fun moments in our life though!

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  1. Love the precious faces in the middle of the night!!


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