Saturday, May 25, 2013

Halloween 2012

We had a fun time on Halloween this year!  Last year I was sick so we didn't do anything but this year, Brailyn was so excited to dress up and get candy.  Lainee could have cared less! LOL I dressed the girls up as pumpkins and they were so adorable!  Lainee kind of got swallowed up in hers though.  I mean how much since does it make to make a costume sized 0-9months? A 9 month old is A LOT bigger than a newborn.  Anyway, they still looked adorable.  We met up with Shane and Amanda and Minnie Mouse, aka Elise at the fall festival at First Baptist, but there wasn't much there for the girls to do,  so we packed up and went trick or treating in town, down our street and through the neighborhood next to us.  It was crazy!  There were kids everywhere.  I stayed in the car with Lainee, while they walked door to door because there was no room to drive through.  After we finished there, we all headed down to Neena and Papa Dale's house to trick or treat.  The girls had a blast and didn't want to leave each other.  We had lots of fun and can't wait till next year! (I already have their costumes picked out, and Brailyn's is already here. :)

Fishing for treats! The only game they could play.

"Trick or treat, smell my feet!"

Sweet friends!

My Little Pumpkins!

I'm pretty sure these girls think they are family! :)

Daddy's pumpkin patch!

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  1. Such sweet pumpkins and Minnie Mouse!! Can't wait to get to have those trick or treaters next year!!


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