Monday, May 13, 2013

Brailyn's 3rd Birthday Party!

I know y'all are used to me being way behind on this blog so I won't even mention anything about being WAY behind today!

We had Brailyn's 3rd birthday party on November 10.  I had asked her a while back about what kind she wanted and since she had a Minnie party last year, she wanted to have a Mickey party this year.  So that's just what we did! I went low key with her cake because I wasn't sure how much I would be able to get done since I had a 3 month old to take care of, so we did cupcakes.  I had bought some cupcake liners and little toothpick toppers a while back on clearance, along with some sprinkles and they turned out really cute.

These Pictures are from her actual Birthday!  Can't believe my baby girl turned 3!  I believe this was her first night to go to Puggles also!

After we got home from church, we had a tiny party of just us!  Yummy cupcakes and a present!  She was super excited!

Here are the pictures from her party on the 10th:
Seeing her decorations for the first time!

Checking it all out!

The cupcakes were supposed to be placed so they looked like Mickey's head, it kind of worked. :)

The banner we used for her 2nd birthday!  Thanks Jen, we are getting good use out of it!

The sprinkled were in the shape of Mickey's head!  How fun!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Blow 'em out girl!

She absolutely LOVED all her gifts!

She was SO appreciative of each one! Sweet girl!

You know, just reading her cards by herself. ;)

Her absolute FAVORITE card!  Thanks Amanda, Shane, Shane, and Elise! 

This card kind of put the present opening to a complete standstill.  She could not put it down! HA!

I believe these were Cars math flashcards.  She insisted that they were for her cousin James!

Seeing her gift from mommy and daddy!

We didn't get a good picture of it, but she loved it!  All the kiddos did!

"Come on in Elise!"

We had a great day celebrating our "Baby" girl!  Pretty sure this year, she is going to allow me to move away from the Clubhouse friends! LOL

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  1. Such a sweet happy third birthday for a precious little girl!! I love you baby doll!!


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