Friday, August 19, 2011

Surprise! Surprise!

We pulled off two SURPRISE! parties in July!  My momma's birthday is on the 20th and my sister's is on the 25th.  This year was my sister, Jennifer's, big 3-0!  My mom suggested we throw Jennifer a surprise party about 2 months before her birthday.  We started planning.  Then I had a crazy idea to throw one for mom too!  CRAZY!  Each one knew about the other's but not about their own! Confusing? YES!  It got really crazy.  I think that they both suspected a little because all three of us are horrible at getting surprised.  Our minds think to much!  We had fun none the less!  I baked a cake for both of them.  I made a three layer cake and specialized the layers just for them!  Mom's was on bottom and it was a white cake with chocolate icing, her favorite.  Jennifer had the top two layers, since her birthday was a BIG ONE! Hehe!  Her cake was a rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip icing, our favorite!  We put 83 candles on the cake!  I'm not going to tell how old mom is just know that Jen is 30! ;)
The cake all lit up! HAHA

The aftermath!  It takes awhile to light 83 candles, and that is A LOT of heat! :)

  To get them out of the house, I told each one that we were going to take the other one to get a pedicure.  Mom thought it was a good idea, and we wanted to get momma a pedicure because she had never had one.  We ended up doing a little shopping too, and took more time than we needed.  That was alright because our sister-in law was bringing some decorations and she was running a little behind.  We invited just both sides of our family, and we had a really good time!  I think they were both semi-surprised, but completely happy!  I had a great time planning it!  Plus, we had a weekend to spend at mom and dad's and just hang out there!  It was a great weekend!  Happy Birthday Momma and Sister!  Love You Both!

Fun in the sun with mommy!

The little ones!
Big cousins in the pool!

This girl loves to read!  This is how we found her after the party!

Isn't he a cutie!?!  Mischievous? Nooooo....

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