Friday, August 12, 2011

Cooler Temps, Sunsets, and a Real Life Demonstration

Today was beautiful!!!  I could have stayed outside all day, the weather was perfect.  In fact, it was a little chilly!  Not complaining at all!  Today was the first day we have been outside, just to run around the yard, in a long time.  When I told Brailyn we were going to go outside to play, she looked at me and said "To hot!" HA  She has heard that quite a bit these past few weeks!  We played outside this morning, and then this evening we played for a little while after we got done with all our work! :)  Brailyn loves playing in the back of "daddy's tuck,"  so that is what we did!  The sunset was gorgeous!  Sunsets are so awe inspiring, and make me feel so thankful and humble when I see one.  To think that our all powerful God paints a sunset for our enjoyment is so humbling.  We don't deserve it, but He loves us so!  

Playing in "Daddy's Tuck"
While playing in "daddy's tuck."  we looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow!  We didn't get much, if any rain, but we got to share in the rainbow!  Brailyn absolutely loves the story of Noah!  We just finished our lessons on Noah in our Wednesday night class, and that is all Brailyn wants to talk about!  She was even in a habit of calling Amanda, the teacher and Elise's mommy, "Noah."  We got the biggest kick out of it!  We sing a song about Noah all the time, and if she sees any animal she automatically thinks of Noah's Ark, and we have to read a story about Noah at least three times a day!  She is the cutest little thing!  So tonight, God provided a real life demonstration for my sweet baby girl!  She got to see a rainbow, a promise from God that he will never destroy the earth by water again!  The absolute best visual  for her favorite Bible story right now! I am overwhelmed with joy that she already has a favorite bible story!  Thank you Lord!  I pray she always keeps her love for the Bible! 

The beautiful rainbow!  Not the best pictures, but it's still pretty!
After our lesson, we got down and our little tom-boy got to climb the tree and help daddy "dive"  the lawn mower!  Two of her favorite things to do!  It was pitiful.  While Jody was mowing the little patch of grass around our garden that actually needed mowing, she was having a breakdown saying, "Daddy wanna see me!  Daddy wanna see me!"  Broke my heart, and her daddy's heart would have been broken if he could have heard her!  She did to get to ride around the yard a couple of times and she was one happy camper! 

Keeping her eyes on the road like a good little driver!  Notice her hand on the wheel!
Sorry about the weird angle!  I always forget, but I liked the video!

A perfect end to a perfect day:  Brailyn went to sleep easily(she opened her eyes when I laid her down, rolled onto her stomach and stretched out as far as she could, it was the sweetest thing).  Then, Jody and I watched Soul Surfer!  It is a fantastic movie, and be prepared to cry from beginning to end! 

***Amanda, if you are reading this, I opened up the blog to post, and I saw that you had posted a new one.  When I realized what you were posting about, I just started laughing!  Funny how we both wanted to post about the rainbow!  Your post was amazing!***


  1. HaHa! Great minds think alike!!

    Shane and I want to borrow "Soul Surfer". Please?!

  2. I told Jody tonight after all the girls left that I was going to take it to church on Sunday for you! Again, great minds think alike! :)

  3. It makes me so happy that our sweet little darling loves the story of Noah's ark and she actually got to see her first rainbow!! She's a great driver on that lawn mower. She can drive with only 1 hand around the bottom! Too cute!!


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