Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation to Waxahachie, TX! Woo-Hoo!

We went our first official family vacation to Waxahachie, TX, on June 1-4.  We had a blast!  Jody's best friend from high school was getting married and Jody was a groomsman.  We decided that it would be fun to go down a little early and just spend a few days making fun memories.  Boy, did we ever!  On the way down, we stopped at Bass Pro to do a little shopping and let Brailyn stretch her legs.  Jody and I both like the store, and Brailyn had a blast watching the turtles swim around in the humongous waterfall!  I think the scariest, craziest, funniest, and most memorable part of the trip was the traffic through Dallas!  We might have been stressed, but we laughed our heads off through it!  That's a whole lot better than screaming at each other I would say!  Josh, the groom, came to see us when we got there.  He was busy that night, but wanted to visit for a minute.  Brailyn loves him!  When he left, Brailyn looked out the window, threw her hands up by her face and said "Where 'Goshy' go?"  It was the sweetest thing.  She proceeded to wake up every morning, and from every nap, asking that same question.  She even muttered it during the wedding! One fun experience was bath time.  We got there and I checked out the bathroom, to find that there was no bathtub, just a huge walk-in shower!  How was that going to work?!?  Brailyn loved it!  She never got fully under the water, but she squaeled and played in it.  It was a battle to get her out!  I also rocked her in the computer chair!  It was a life saver! Just saying!

We headed to the Ft. Worth Zoo the next day and that was a lot of fun!  It was hot, but we had a blast!  Brailyn's favorite part was the monkeys.  She got so excited watching them play!  However, we barely dragged her away from the rhinos at first.  She also loved the amphibian/reptile exhibit!  We ran straight up to the glass while daddy stayed safely in the middle of the room!  Love you honey! :)  It was pretty warm that day, but we had a good time.

All the animals were a little lethargic that day, but we still had fun watching them!

The rhino we couldn't drag Brailyn away from!

"Let's go over there daddy!  We don't have time for picture breaks!"

Isn't he cute!  I couldn't quit thinking of Timon!

He was a little intimidating!

The monkeys were chasing each other!  She got so excited!

That's my sweet girl!

Kudos!  They were so pretty!

"I still don't have time for this mommy!"

These were crazy!

Ick! But so cool!

Eating lunch like a big girl!  They had little picnic areas.  It was nice because you could bring your own lunch!

Relaxing in the shade!  I wanted to join him!

Pretty pink flamingo!

Zebras!  They were gorgeous!

A very old elephant!


The next day we headed to Arlington to see the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and the Ranger Stadium.  Brailyn was not having a good day.  She cried through breakfast, and all the way to Arlington.  "Dot Dog" and Minnie didn't even help.  We bought tickets to tour the Cowboys' stadium(Jody's absolute dream), but we quickly got our money back and headed back to the hotel to get a good nap!  We all three did!

So close, but so far away! 

 Brailyn had a blast at the rehearsal dinner that night, but at rehearsal she did not like her daddy walking past her, and down the aisle!  She didn't like it during the wedding either, but it was nothing a little snack wouldn't fix!  The wedding was beautiful, and so was the reception.  We had to leave a little early because it was outside and very hot.  Brailyn was absolutely miserable!  We had a great time though, and we are so happy for Josh and Rachel!  We are already talking abut our next vacation, and some traditions we want to start down the road!  I can't wait!

Love this picture!  Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Josh Brown!

Rachel, Josh, and Jody!


  1. I concur with the traffic in/around Dallas...HORRIBLE!! The Friday that Shane graduated, I drove my car with Elise and another classmate's wife/daughter as my passengers to Dallas from Rockport. We were following another wife and her vehicle full of passengers.

    I had to drive about 85mph just to keep her in my sight...she knew EXACTLY where she was going and she was from the Dallas area. So, I'm swerving in and out of the lanes to keep up with her and I just barely missed hitting another car...scary!! I was SO ready to get the car parked and get my feet on the still ground!

    I'm fairly certain if I would've been able to just drive at my own pace with someone else pointing out where the exits were, the whole situation would have been less dramatic!! But, then, I wouldn't have such vivid memories and wouldn't be so grateful for my country living!!

    I know Brailyn LOVED all the animals. Maybe y'all can go back when the weather is cooler! Some of the animals looked pooped!

    This is not letting me post as Amanda, but anonymous...oh well!

  2. I bet you were! I may have jumped out of the car and kissed the ground! HA! I'm just glad I wasn't driving! And that we had the GPS because it tells you two miles in advance where your exit is! NICE! Plenty of time to get over! Of course it doesn't factor in road construction! AHHH! I would love to go back to the zoo later! They animals were seriously just sitting there! When I tried to post on yours it was doing that to me, but it wouldn't even let me post it! I tried at least 5 times! Crazy!
    Now it's doing it on my own blog!

  3. Looks like you all had a great time!! I do believe the zoo was a hit for Brailyn. Love all the pictures!!


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