Friday, July 22, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Jody had a great Father's Day this year!  Last year on Father's Day, I was in the hospital a week after my gallbladder surgery with complications, and had to have another procedure done that day.  My wonderful husband was right by my side, and missed his first Father's Day.  We got home that night and he saw Brailyn for about 2 minutes. :(  This year, we had a nice, calm, relaxing day at home!  We went down to my parents house hat weekend, and were supposed to stay through Sunday, but I decided to surprise Jody and come home for the big Father's Day celebration at our church.  He was absolutely surprised, and very happy too! Brailyn got her daddy a big picture of her riding on the tractor with him to hang up in his office, and she got him some WWII  DVDs.  I think he liked both presents, I have a feeling of which one he liked more though!

I feel so blessed to have him as my husband and friend.  I feel even more blessed to get to share a beautiful little child with him!  He is such a great daddy, and I love watching him with Brailyn!  I can't wait to see him as Brailyn grows, and his love grows more and more for her!  Brailyn is truly blessed to have such a wonderful daddy!  We love you sweetheart, and hank God everyday for the wonderful Godly man He has blessed us with!

We also thank God for my wonderful daddy, Brailyn's Pop-up!  I wouldn't be where I am or who I m today if it wasn't for him!  We love you!

And I have a wonderful father-in law, Brailyn's Papa Dale!  I am so thankful that he helped shape my husband into the great man he is today!  We love you too!

Jody, Brailyn, my brother, my sister, and their families all petting the cow my grandaddy was bottlefeeding at the time!  It was a very gentle calf, I think he may have been a little overwhelmed, but he was very calm!

My daddy opening his presents!

Jody's table at the Ftaher's Day celebration at church!

Helping daddy show off his presents!

Daddy and his little girl!

Just a cute pic of Brailyn that day!  She is such a ham!

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  1. We are certainly blessed with wonderful Fathers in our family!! That sweet little precious Brailyn doesn't have any idea just much how much those three men love her!! It goes without saying how much we love her too!!!!


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