Tuesday, June 14, 2011

APRIL Birthdays!

Well, we definitely know that it is not April anymore with the 100 degree temps we have been having, so I guess I may be a little behind on posting!  That's okay!  I just want to make sure it gets on here.  We have two birthdays to celebrate in April.  My nephew Samuel's birthday is on the 18th and Neena's birthday is the 20th!

My sister gave Samuel a Pirate Birthday and she did an amazing job! She made the cake and it was delicious along with being absolutely adorable.  She always does a good job!  We had it outside since the weather was nice and the kids had a blast!  They had just done some work in the yard so one big section was nothing but dirt!  The little ones had a good ol' time digging and playing!  After the cake and presents, we hid gold coins for the kids to find!  Boy, was that fun!  Kids were running all over the place looking for the 200+  coins I think we hid!  It was a really fun day and it is always fun when we get the cousins together!

The big 5 year old! 

His cake!  A pirate on a deserted island!

Fun girls! 
I absolutely love this picture of my nephew James!  He looks like a grown man holding his cup and his hand, you women know that all men stand like this!
Most of the men in my life!  I love them all to pieces!  That's my dad in the green, then Jody and Brailyn, my grandaddy, and my brother!

Getting good and dirty!

The girls playing a little ball!

Swingin' with cousin Anna!

We met Andy, Jennifer, and Madi in Arkadelphia to celebrate Mrs. Donita's birthday.  We ate at Western Sizzlin and it was delicious. Unfortunately this was the night ti stormed pretty bad.  We ended up rushing through dinner and drove as fast as we could to Henderson. We went to the basement in Andy's building to ride out the storm.  The girls had a blast running and playing!  The lights ended up going out, but it didn't phase the girls at all. In fact, they started playing and having more fun than when the lights were on.  They are really getting in a stage where they are beginning to play more together and it is so fun and exciting to watch!  i know they will be best buds!  So it wasn't the best birthday celebration ever, but we sure had fun and it will be one of the most memorable!

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