Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Where have we been?

Obviously, the answer to that question is not on blogger! We've just been busy with life and other things, and the blog just isn't high up on the list.   I do want to get back to it and will try to do a little catch up, but there is no way I can catch up on it all. So for the most part, I will have to pick up from the here and now.

So our most recent exciting happening has been Brailyn's first year of T-ball! It was a blast from beginning to end.  I think the most fun was just seeing how much she learned and grew from beginning to end.  She did great, and I think she really enjoyed it.  It's one of our go to games when we head outside to play.

I was nervous at first that maybe we signed her up a little to early, but by the end of her little season, that nervousness faded.  I know, it took the whole season, but I think we would have hit a great groove if it had lasted a little longer.

Anyway, here is our little t-baller! I hope we have many more years of t-ball to come. And if not, that's  okay too! ;)

Headed to her first practice!

Just a little excited. :)

First practice!

Lots of this went on throughout the season. ;)

Getting that ball!

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Lots of silly girl talk went on too. 


Throw it back!

Good swing! See that ball flying?

On the field during her first game!

At bat for the first time!

Good hit! Run Brailyn Run!

Cheering Sissy on!

Third baseman.

Good game!

Lots of this went on too. ;)
Big T-baller after her first game!

Good Job Sissy!
We are so proud of you Baby Girl! You did great!

**I was trying to upload the video I took of her last game, but nothing will let me upload it.  As soon as I get it figured out I will put it on here

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