Monday, December 5, 2011

"A Minnie Party!"

For over a month before Brailyn's 2nd birthday party got here, whenever someone would ask Brailyn what kind of party she was going to have she would grin from ear to ear and squeal, "A Minnie party!"  She was so excited, and I think she loved every minute of it! 
  I had a ball planning it.  I knew how I wanted to do her cake for the party for months.  My wonderful brother in law, Andy, did the invitations, and my wonderful sister in law, Jennifer, made her banner!  I loved both of these things!  We didn't do much decorating because we were having at the church, and it is really hard to make such a big area look decorated, but I loved all the little touches we had!

  Brailyn was so sweet when she came in to see everything!  She just grinned and walked slow, and then she took off squealing!  I love it!  She had almost all of her cousins there to play with, and her best friend Elise!  I think they all had a big time!  Their party hats were Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears.  Too cute! 

My niece modeling her party hat and treat bag goodies!
   While we were singing Happy Birthday to her, she just stood there looking at everybody then we blew out the candles.  She did a good job.  She still pretends to sing and blow out candles, and "make a wish,"as she says. to this day!  She is precious! 

   Our sweet baby girl was so funny opening her gifts!  She got so excited about the tissue paper in her first gift, like it was the best present ever!  Then she took the rest of the paper from the other presents and pretended to blow her nose in each one!  She is such a hoot!  She got lots of good things and she was so appreciative of every gift!  It was precious! 

Ready to dig in!

"Tissue Paper!"

Jody reading the cars that our nephew made for her!  It was so sweet!

Helping mommy read the card!

Blowing her nose!

Reading her Bible from "Mrs. Amana, Mr. Nane, and Eweese!"

She loved her piggy bank from Gramma and Pop-Up!

She really was so excited about everyone of her presents!

Saying Thank You!
   After the party, some of our families came to the house to eat and see Brailyn get her last gift, a swing set!  It was a present from us and her Neena and Papa Dale!  She got so excited when she saw it!  All the cousins had a big time playing on it!

Seeing her  swing set for the first time!

   We had a great 2nd Birthday!  I am so thankful for my sweet pumpkin head, and for all of our family and friends who came and made it that much more special!  On to planning her 3rd party! YAY!

Oh and on the way to her party, we were telling her where we were headed and talking all excited about her party and she says, "Going to have a Daisy Party!"  That is the first time she had said that.  So much for being excited about Minnie. HA!  We may have to look into that for next year!

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