Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here!

I love Christmas!  I think I love it even more now that we are a family of three! Now that Brailyn is older, I am really looking forward to this Christmas!  I think she is going to love it!  It's really surreal to think that now is the time that we are starting "our" family traditions!  We decorated the tree and the rest of the house on Tuesday night.  We would have had it up on Saturday but I had to go and get sick!  Oh well, we will begin that tradtion next year.  We had a lot of fun putting up the tree!  Brailyn just stared at it as we put it up!  She helped hang some ornaments, and she handed mommy the ornaments when she got tired of standing up by the tree!  I made sure the whole bottom half of the tree was decorated with plastic ornaments! HA   Brailyn got to hang her very first ornamnet, that we got her last year, on the tree and she helped daddy put the angel on top!  We plan on buying her an ornament every year!  One of her very own!  I already know which one we are getting for her this year!  I'll post pics as soon as we get it!  In my mind we were going to have Christmas music playing in the background while we worked, but we got our new season of JAG in that day so we had it going!  Another tradition we will have to start next year! LOL  We had a very memorable night to say the least!  I know I will always cherish every memory we make no matter if it was what I had envisioned!  Anyway, we got everything up and decorated except for the outside lights which will be going up shortly!  I can't wait till Brailyn sees them!  Let me share some of our precious picture memories with you!

Helping mommy hang the first ornament!

Clapping for herself! HA

Handing mommy the beautiful PLASTIC ornaments!

Hanging her "First Christmas" ornament!  Don't look to close at mommy, I didn't get dressed up for the occasion!

My sweet girl!  Looking at an ornament she got at one of her baby showers!
Putting the angel on with daddy!

My curious girl!  So far, she won't pull them off the tree!

She likes to crawl behind the tree!
We have had a busy little week!  Brailyn also rode in her first parade last night!  Our church always does a float in the Christmas parade, so of course we had to ride!  We got all dressed up as a little cowgirl(because that was the theme) and took a ride!  She was too precious!  She was waving at the people and everything!  Such a little ham!  And to top it all off, our float won 1st place!  Go Shady Grove!

Mommy and Brailyn!  These are the best pics we get nowadays with our little busy, curious girl!

At the end of the parade!  Look at her little boots!  We had a lot of fun!
 We have already had so much fun with Christmas this year and Christmas day is still 22 days away!  I hope Brailyn always remembers and cherishes our Christmases together, but my biggest prayer is that we show her the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ our Lord!  We would have nothing to celebrate if it wasn't for Him!  I pray that every year, we emphasize that more than the secular things that come with Christmas!  They may be fun, but nothing can give us joy like the real meaning of Christmas!


  1. That is such a sweet blog post!! I know the Christmas memories will just keep growing!! You are right about teaching that sweet doll that Jesus is the real reason for this wonderful season we get to enjoy!!

  2. You have a beautiful and God loving family.
    I have no doubt that she will always know that Jesus = Christmas!! Christmas memories are so precious.


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