Friday, August 27, 2010

First Nevada County Fair!

The Nevada County Fair started this Thursday with the parade so of course we had to go! Brailyn loved the parade! She started dancing when she heard the band even though she couldn't even see them yet!  She took it all in! The fire truck's siren made her jump but she did not cry. I was so happy! After the parade we headed to the fairgrounds for the livestock show! I always enjoy it, but it started later than usual so we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to see. I think Brailyn ahd fun though.  She got to see all the church family that she loves!  Tonight was the premium sale.  We always go because Jody is a buyer.  We go eat with the buyers, then the sale starts! Brailyn and I sat at a picnic table and visited with our friends Amanda Meador and her daughter Elise! ELise is 6 weeks younger than Brailyn! We had a great time at our first county fair!

Watching the horses at the parade!

Premium sale here I come!

Amanda, Elise, mommy, and me! Brailyn was looking at the other camera and wanting her keys back!

Walking past the band! I love music!

Checking out the chickens!


  1. Girl, I just posted a picture of all four of us on my blog! You did a much better job describing brain is past shutdown mode.

    I'm going to bed now!!

  2. I am an awful storyteller because I like to tell every little detail! Jody makes fun of me! I'm afraid all my posts are going to be long!

  3. Hey I think you are doing great!! Keep those posts coming. We like the details. I especially love the picture of her with the sunglasses on!! She is just so precious!!!

  4. Yay!! I'm so excited that you have a blog. I look forward to reading it each morning while I drink my coffee (that's my time before I actually have to start giving the state their time~lol). Of course you already know this, but I must tell you again.....Brailyn is PRECIOUS and I love her like crazy!!


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